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I took another test this morning and nothing. Even the control line was very faint. Usually that comes up bright right away. Anyway, I set it on the shelf in the bathroom and forgot about it. I just checked it(about 3 1/2 hours later) and the control line was darker. And......there seemed to be a line but it was barely visible. I had to hold it in the light and really look. That was my last test so I guess I have to go buy a couple more. What do you think. I know they say not to read the test after that long but I don't know. Do you think it really could be a ++++++?
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I have no idea, but I wanted to say that I am crossing my fingers for you!!!
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Stephanie, when I tested, I got a faint, faint, FAINT line after a long time like you did. That was a First Response.

Then, that *same* afternoon, I got a Clear Blue Easy, which still gave me a very faint line, but it was within a couple of minutes.

I hope your test comes up +++! Then, you will, of course, have to buy more diapers!!!

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I really have to pee right now but I think I'll hold it until I go to the store, get another test and then come home and check it again. Maybe I'll get a different brand. I have been using the EPT cuz they come in a 3 pack from Costco for like $13 or $14. Maybe I'll go for the Clear Blue or the store brand which I always had good luck with before.
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Good luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this is IT! i only got the evaporation lines when I really was pregnant, never when I wasn't.

You could pee in a cup now and then buy a test and dip it when you come home. Will work just as well, and then you don' t have to bounce around in the store because you have to go so badly LOL

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+++++++++ thoughts your way++++++++++++

will be waiting on pins and needles to hear how your new tests work out!
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Hurry up...did you get another test yet????

So very cool!!!!

Sending +++++++++++++ here too!
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Well, it's pretty official. I have another very faint ++++, but I guess that's enough! I'm Pregnant! I think. :
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Yay, so happy for you!!!!!

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Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!
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Yay Stephanie!!
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Wonderful news! Enjoy your pregnancy!

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WAHMs get ready! Somebody's going to buy a looooootttttt of cute diapers
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:LOL Ya got that right. Just gotta find some way to pay for them!
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WooHoo!!! This seems to have been a good month. Is everyone still praying???
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Umm, not to put a damper on things, but the instructions on my test say that the reason you should not read it after 10 minutes is that it's likely to show a faint + when it's really -. I was briefly elated by this 2 months ago when I decided to just have another look at my - test.

Was your second very faint line visible within 10 minutes?

(Edited to add the word "not" in the first sentence!! )
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EnviroBecca, thanks for the info, I wondered about that. The 3rd test showed a very faint line within 10 mins and the 4th was quite a bit darker and I think it was within 15 minutes or so.
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I've got high temps on cycle day 43 of a very regular 30 day cycle, so that's promising, but I keep testing negative on 3 different brands of home pregnancy tests! I have an appointment with the nurse practitioner tomorrow . . . :
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