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Has anyone gone 13 hours in a car with baby yet?

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We are going down to visit my grandmother, who most lkely wil not be around much longer. The only trouble is she lives about 1000 miles from us... about a 13 hour drive straight... I am planning on driving through the night, but I am worried... has anyone done this yet? Does it work? Do they just sleep? We are planning on stopping and having a BIG breakfast somewhere so it breaks up into: go to sleep in the car... wake up in the car... have a great time play outside, eating, etc.... get back in car, drive for final 4 hours...

Do you guys think this will work?

Please any helpful hints would be great... I breastfeed and she hates cows/rice/soy/even vanilla soy milk, won't take a bottle at all... wont take a sippy to fall asleep either... but she usually sleeps pretty well in the car. What do you think?

love Valerie
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We've done this. It's a pain in the butt, but I think your plan sounds good. Yes I think she will sleep, especially if you are driving at night. I generally allow at least 2 extra hours for every 6 hours of driving time. This allows for all of the extra nursing and rest breaks.

I have a 3 yr old and a 6 month old, so it takes longer. It was easier with just one child.
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We have driven from Pittsburgh to DC( about 5 hours) and Pittsburgh to Chicago (about 9 I think). When Sam was an itty bitty baby, we would generally drive until he woke, feed, then get back on the road. Usually this was about a half hour break. Now, he needs running time, so we tend to stop about every 3 hours unless he is sleeping. If he is sleeping we plow along as long as we can as fast as we can

If you think you have a 13 hour drive ahead of you, I would count on it taking 16-18 at least. Since it is night time and there is motion, you might get really lucky and be able to drive straight on.

I don't know how old your dd is, but have you been able to master the bfding position of letting her nurse while she is in her seat? This could come in handy.
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Thanks Leafylady and Mirlee, Cyan is 16 months... hell of a time to be trecking across country, but it is needed... we have a 6 yr old too, but he sleeps in the car, and is a good traveler now that we bought a gameboy... lol... It is Cyan I am worried about. I will take your advice and take a couple breaks if she needs them, and I will *plan* for her to need them. That will most likely make me way less stressed about the time issues... good idea... Thanks...

Love Valerie
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Last year we drove from North Carolina to MIchigan. It took 17 hours. Kailey was 10 months old and did GREAT!! We took lots of snacks, and toys. I nursed her while she was in her car seat(it was still rearfacing) and spent most of my time in the back seat with her(unless I napped or drove. then it was more comfy in the front).

I think it is very doable, ,and can even be fun. Kailey loved watching the other cars and big trucks as they passed
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We did a 12 hour drive when ds was 16 mo. It was suprisingly easy! We drove through the night, with one long stop just before bedtime. On the way home we had to drive during the day and he did just as well. We couldn't believe it! I nursed while he was in the car seat, and I had a bag filled with books and toys he had never seen before. I sat in the back with him and played with him for some of the time. I had gone to big lots and gotten some cheap, little toys (trucks, beads etc) I thought he would like, and I also packed a coloring book and crayons, some empty containers (he was really into figuring out lids at the time), a little flashlight, and some little musical things. I didn't let him see any of them until we were in the car. Packed a lot of snacks, too - and don't forget the music!! We also just had to resign ourselves to a couple long (hour to two hour) stops. Good luck, hope you are pleasantly suprised like we were!
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I don't know about every state and of course, it's not the safest option, but in MI it is legal to BF in a moving vehicle w/a child out of the carseat. I've done it in the backseat before when desperate.

We took a 8-hour car trip this summer when DD2 was 17 months and she was not great. I was going to borrow my friend's TV/VCR for the car combo, but as luck would have it, she had to take a long trip the exact same week. I did bring books on tape which the girls loved. I brought crayons which lasted for a while. Snacks, same thing. "I spy" same thing. I tried to make the drive during sleepy time, but of course, my DD2 fell asleep about 5 minutes before we had to stop for lunch and gas and wouldn't go back to sleep afterward. She was a pretty unhappy camper. Next time I'll definitely use the TV/VCR combo, but you may be against that, you didn't say...

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Originally posted by MACMOM
I don't know about every state and of course, it's not the safest option, but in MI it is legal to BF in a moving vehicle w/a child out of the carseat. I've done it in the backseat before when desperate.
Please, please please!!! NEVer take your child out of the carseat while the car is moving!!!! A dear friend of my mom's was holding her 2 week old infant in her arms when their car was in an accident. The baby died. This was way back in the early 70's when seatbelt laws were much more relaxed than they are now. There is NEVer a good enough reason not to stop the car before taking your child out of the carseat.
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We've done a 14 hour trip and a 7 hour trip with Jude. On the long trip, I breastfed him a lot while he was in his car seat. I sat in the back with him the whole way and we stopped a lot while he was awake. We stopped in a Wal-Mart to let him crawl/walk around the baby department just to stretch his legs. That helped a lot.
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One word: BOOBIES!!

Hi! My dh and I have made a number of trips with our infant dd -- from Las Vegas all around Northern California, from Las Vegas to Tucson, and from Las Vegas to Chicago. The secret? BREASTFEEDING IN THE CAR SEAT. The first long road trip, the seat was rear-facing. I scooted to the edge of my seat and basically draped myself over her and the seat, so we both stayed buckled in. Despite the above poster's message about the law in MI, I think it's unwise to breastfeed in a moving car with the baby outside of a car seat. "Legal" and "wise" are not necessarily synonymous.

The next long car trip, her seat was forward-facing. I can only feed her on the left boobie if I'm sitting on her right, but there's no problem with switching sides. Dr. Sears in The Baby Book shows how to do it with pictures.

Otherwise, it was no problem because she slept a great deal. We brought toys and books to read in case she got bored, but she was fine...and she's not the most easy-to-please child in the world either. GOOD LUCK!
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We drove from Denver, Colorado down to the Grand Canyon and back in October - all in 2 1/2 days! Hubby wanted to see it, and that's all the time we had.

My two are 3 years and 1 1/2 years old. It was hard, but they both did well. We did the trip down at night, and they slept most of the time. We also had loads of snacks, stopped frequently, and (bad, bad, bad parents!) had a portable DVD player, so when all else failed, they watched a movie...and that relaly was a life saver with the two of them.......

Have fun!
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We drove from Tucson to Philadelphia when ds was 3 months. It took 10 days, we stopped for 2 on Colorodo.

At 13 months old we drove to Ithaca-4 hours
and over the summer we drove to connecticut-6 hours.

ds did great every trip.
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