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What is New Age??

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ok, this started because we have talked in previous threads about "what is New Age beliefs"??

So while playing with the beliefnet quiz posted in another thread I came across their definition of New Age beliefs. So what do you guys think??

Here;s the link (copywrite and all that)


Here's the short synopsys I can get away with:

Belief in Deity
God is the impersonal life force, consciousness, ultimate truth and reality, the incorporeal, formless cosmic order personified within all people and matter. God is all and all are God.

• Incarnations
Most believe there are no particular incarnations to worship, as all in the universe are embodiments of God.

• Origin of Universe and Life
The universe, life, and matter were not created by God but "are" God. The universe and life emerged out of the creative power of the eternal universal life force.
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I've been resisting calling myself a New Ager, but I guess I am because I could agree with everything on that link. Especially about evil just being mistakes by people not some big bad satan. The New Age beliefs seem "kinder and gentler" to people. It makes it easier for us to love ourselves and others. Anyway, that's my opinion.
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I'm a new ager. I do try to refrain from labeling though because I don't want to be trapped in some notion that doesn't change everyday like I do as I grow & learn & open to it all. I think if I had to be called something it would be most aligned with this though. I'll check back tomorrow!
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My deal is this: if I don't believe in ppl suffering due to karma, what does that mean? Besides that I'm not a New Ager?

I don't fit anywhere yet...
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Uh, new age isn't polytheism or paganism by BFnets definition. No Gods/Goddesses. Instead it's a force or energy that is impersonal. Quite different from the personal Gods and Goddesses of paganism.

again by BF nets definition.
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I guess my brain needs a break. I'm obviously not understanding the differences as Beliefnet defines them. I didn't catch the no personal god/goddesses aspect.
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well hey, I'm not talking about *my* view of what new age is.

I've heard lots of opinions on what paganism is too. I'm sure I don't agree with them all. I was wondering what other people thought of BFnets definition as it's the most thorough one I've seen. Anyone is free to define as they see fit IMO.
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