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Nearly 3-year-old can't say "L"s or "R"s

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Should I be concerned at this point or is it still normal at this age? One of her friends makes fun of her for saying "De-wicious" instead of "Delicious", but otherwise I don't think she is aware. She is going to go to pre-K in a few weeks. Will the school give her speech therapy? Anything that I can do to help the enunciation? Or is it just a matter of giving her time?
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That is very normal. I wouldnt worry about it at all at this point. Im not even sure if it is appropriate for her to have them down yet. Heck my nearly three year old barely talks. I have had two children go through speech services, and the L's and R's are often some of the last to come together.

I hope this helps. :-)
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My 5 1/2 y/o just got a handle on the /L/ sound within the past 6 months or so.
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It's waaaaaayyyy too early to worry about it being a problem. At this point, you should just be proud that your child already has a vocabulary that includes words like "delicious" and isn't even three years old yet!

My son is almost four, and still has trouble with L, R, and Y ("bananas are lellow!"). I'm not worried; I know it'll come together for him in time. At under three, there's definitely no reason for concern.
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These sounds don't typically come until the child is 5.

Good for you for looking out for these things though. If there are problems, it's best to catch them early on
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I have a friend whose lovely daughter had trouble pronouncing certain sounds until she was 8 or 9 years old. This runs in her family.

The mom (my friend) patiently waited for the situation to resolve itself. And it did, quite nicely, and without speech therapy.
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Very normal, as everyone has said! errors on "r" are within the normal range until age 7 or so. Do not worry. Do not try to correct your child. If "l" and "r" are the only problems your child has at this age, you do not have problems! Focus on the message of what s/he is saying rather than how the speech is being produced. As prev.posters have said, reinforce and respond positively to the great language skills your child appears to have.
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And I also should have said that the friend who is teasing needs some feedback like "we all have different things we are good at. You are very good at saying sounds. x is very good at..., etc. etc." The same type of feedback you would give if the child were making fun of yours because she couldn't hop on one foot or something like that. Good luck!
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It may be way too early to worry but at this age I did have my son "checked out" by school speech therapist. We agreed that he was too young to sit for services but I did begin to be more diligent about repeating back words properly just so my son would hear the correct sounds.

At age 4.5 he did start services twice a week until 1st grade.
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My almost 4yo can't say "L" or "R" either. My MIL is a speech therapist and says it's totally normal. However, she does play games with him that involve the "L" sound and making his tongue curl different ways, so I figure it's normal, but some fun games to help it along won't hurt any. (As long as they're fun--my DS really likes playing these games with Nana).
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Early interventionist here - it is perfectly normal - she's not even three yet! Please don't worry about it for a couple of years, by which time I'm sure it will have righted itself.
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