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Overnight babysitter dilemma

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This weekend we had to leave DS (2 yrs, 3 mo) overnight for the first time ever. This was NOT my first choice, but to make a long story short, it worked out pretty well. The person we left him with is his main babysitter who has known him since he was born.

Now my big question is - how much should we pay her for this time? (I know, we should have negotiated this beforehand, but...)

Some background: Normally she has always stayed with him at our house. She is not a lazy sitter - she helps out in any possible way she can. We pay $10/hr, which is average/low in our urban area.

In this situation, he went to her house. She was with him constantly and even slept with him in a safe bed, tended to his needs, and gave him home-cooked food. There were a lot of kids and people around, though, so it wasn't as intensive perhaps as caring for him at our house. Although, she did sleep with him too...

So, she was "on duty", so to speak, from 7 am Saturday morning until 6 pm Sunday evening. That is 35 hours. If we pay her at $10 that is $350 - a lot of money. We love our sitter, and of course, we want her to feel fairly compensated. On the other hand, we'd like it to be a more manageable amount.

My question is - what IS a fair rate for this service. Or, what have other people paid? We are really struggling with this.
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I think at least $100. She was awake with him for at least 20 hours, right?
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I think it should be more like $280 . So it's at least what she would've made by the hour, plus an extra $80 for the overnight. I don't know, I think she *does* need to be compensated somehow even for the sleeping time. She may be asleep along with him but she is still responsible during that time. Basically, I think the added responsibility and the fact that he is relying on her for emotional cuddly support during a longer absence counts for a lot. You couldn't hire anyone else to do what she is doing, you know, even for more than $10 an hour. (because your son wouldn't feel good with that other person)

(since 20 hours X $10 is 200, I didn't get your reasoning UUMom about $100?)
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I said at least. I was thinking $200, but it might be a crazy amount to the OP.

YK, i would be happy to take an MDC child for a day for $100. If anyone is looking for an AP mother , I''m here, at obvioulsy a bargain price.

Seriously. If you live in MA, PM me.

I have been thinking about taking care of another child.
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Trace, that is an interesting suggestion. Thank you everyone for your input. It helps! SO, here are more specifics.

She was awake with him from 7 am - 11 pm (whew! way past our normal bedtime) so that is 16 hours, or $160.

He slept from 11 until 3, but only woke up for 10 seconds, then 3 till 6:30, when she pottied him and got him some milk, and then slept until 8:30. So that is basically 9.5 hours.

Then he was awake from 8:30 until 5:30 when they picked us up at the airport. That is 9 hours, or $90.

So, if you add up the actual awake time it becomes $250.

Given all this, what do you think the sleep time (9.5) compensation should be?
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gee and here I was feeling bad for charging $40cnd for 7pm to 9:30am for an infant. Who I was up with, and rocked back to sleep despite mothers repeated instructions to let him cio
Do people really pay that much for overnights?
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I think $25-$50 for the sleep time so $275-$300 total
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