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We're gonna do the HB!

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We met the HB MW last night and we both loved her (so did Sam, who did annouce that he was also a midwife and that he'd help her deliver the baby), so that is that! We are so excited!

I'll be out of town on business the next two days, so I hope everyone has a great spell, and I'll see ya Thursday or Friday!

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Congrats! So glad you figured it out. And what a cutie Sam is!
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We've made the switch to homebirth too. Dh hasn't met our midwife yet, so I don't guess it's "official" until Monday, but I'm really excited.

Can hardly wait to hear everyone's birth story!

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Yay for HB!!! We are doing that, too and so excited about it!
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Yay Erica!!! I'm so glad you made the decision and you all feel wonderful about it. You must be really relieved!
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i'm jealous.....we're having a midwife, but in the hospital. last night i had a dream that i had the baby at home and it was so wonderful.........
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Sooo exciting! Wishing you the birth of your dreams....
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Yay! How awsesome. it must be great to have that decided in your mind and now be settled on it. I love Sam's comments! What a smart guy
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Yay! Glad you came to a decison that works for you.

We are planning a homebirth as well and I'm really looking forward to less medicalized birth this time.
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*sniff* I'm so so jealous. *sniff* I wanted one so so bad.
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Congratulations! I'm jealous.
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Originally Posted by MrsMoe
*sniff* I'm so so jealous. *sniff* I wanted one so so bad.
me too. i keep having dreams that i'm at home, having my baby and everything feels so right......
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Yay! I'm really excited for you!
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Can I be nosy and ask why people who want to HB so bad are not planning on it?

Sorry if this is a highjack...as someone who has become super passionate about having one I am just curious.
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I *AM* planning a HB, but it's not funded via medicare in all jurisdictions even in Canada - I was chatting with one woman in Alberta and it would have cost her several thousand dollars to have a homebirth. Some midwives are willing to do it, but they still need to be paid, and a lot of families simply can't afford that.

Here in BC we are very fortunate because most midwives offer homebirth services and it's fully funded by public health care. I will not be out a single penny (except for some supplies) for my homebirth. But I think that BC and Ontario are the only places in Canada where this is the case (please someone correct me if I'm wrong). This makes me very sad and annoyed because I think homebirths actually save a lot of money (no overhead on hospital supplies, nursing staff, etc. - all the health care system has to pay for is the midwife's fee) and our public health care system is so overburdened that all the provinces should be making cost-saving decisions wherever possible and this is one that would actually HELP people!

Now, in the US - I would imagine that there are a pile of reasons why you wouldn't be able to have a homebirth. It's still actually illegal in several states, right? And if your birth were otherwise covered by insurance, but not if you gave birth at home (similar situation to Canada) I could see finances definitely getting in the way. Also, a lack of qualified or willing midwives, or even pressure from family to have a "safe" hospital birth...

Basically the problem is that birth has been medicalized for so long that it will take some time before people accept that home birth should be the *norm* not the exception.
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Unfortunately, in the US it really is difficult or impossible for some families. Often not covered by insurance so it can run $1800 to several thousand $ which is financially prohibitive for a lot of folks! It is pretty crazy that insurance will pay the exhorbitant hosp. fees, but not a (comparatively) cheaper (and healthier) homebirth option!

Also a lot of times the only hb midwife in the area is hours away- not possible for everyone to get there for prenatal visits transportation wise or otherwise.

And lay midwives, CPM's, etc are illegal in many states- such as mine- so many people (or the partners) are not willing to risk using an 'illegal' midwife.

Actually, all of these issues have come into play in us making our decision- but in my heart I am pretty sure we are getting closer to deciding to go for it-I just can't see doing it any other way!
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