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My friend needs help!

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My friend is going through a really hard time.
She had a large tumor removed from her ovary about 2 1/2 months ago. The doc put her on birth control pills to heal her ovaries for 6 weeks. The pill was ovcon 35 and she had horrible side effects. He told her to just stay on them and wait it out since it was only 6 weeks. She is off them now for a month and hasn't had a period which was due last week. She is feeling like crud too. She is dizzy, naseuos, light-headed, etc.
She has days where she feels better and then goes back to feeling bad.

She is feeling hopeless that she'll never get better and i want to offer her some suggestions.

She will be seeing a doc soon and is going to ask about going on progesterone. BTW, her progesterone level was checked pretty recently and it was practically non-existent while just a few months ago it was at a perfect level.

Basically her hormones are severely out of balance and her body is reacting to this.

Any advice? or experience with ovcon 35?
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No experience with the ovcon- but there are herbal and vitamin options she can try. I would start with a B-complex- for general support, and B6 is very good for fertility. She can get a progesterone cream over the counter to try for the second half of her cycle, if the doctor doesn't perscribe something stronger. I think it might be best to see an herbalist or acupuncturist to work with her. There are a lot of options she can do to get back on track. She may even want to try a preconception tea from www.herblore.com since those are meant to boost hormone levels naturally.

to your friend. I am glad she has you to be there for her through this!

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