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I have news about hold my daughter back a grade

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Well I went today to the school and talked to the principal. I was so worried because I was alone with him just my mom and I. I brought a letter my husband and I made though and kept using it to keep me on track. I added the letter in purple

At the end of the 2004/05 school I was informed that Emma would be passed into a grade three classes for the 2005/06 school year. The decision had been made to pass her into this grade even though her abilities are rated at below normal for her age and grade placement. I was informed that Emma would be given work that was at her level even though she would be in a class that is beyond her ability. The reason I was given behind this was that Emma needs to be with her peers. I didn’t argue this reasoning at the time, putting faith in the group of professionals that were dealing with my child. Having spent time with Emma over the summer I have come to see that this reasoning is so flawed.

Emma is being taken out of class to be in Learning Assistance, this makes her separate from the class not a part of it. Emma is not taking part in the normal school curriculum, I fear what lasting affects this will have on her. Pushing Emma into grades she isn’t ready for will mean she will need L.A. in every grade. The normal school curriculum gets children ready for High School, University, and later the work force, my daughter needs to learn this. Emma lacks confidence in her actions often saying she isn’t able to do things, without trying. Pushing Emma forward I feel will only frustrate her further, making her feel less and less confident.

Emma is not making friends with her classmates; she has had no close friends within any of her classes. She has been in friendship class many times but still feels she has no friends. I feel this friend issue is because Emma feels below them, or not as smart as them. Emma often plays with kids in lesser grades in the recess and lunch playtimes. This alone makes the peer issues null and void. Emma’s speech was an issue in this, often kids couldn’t understand her language, and the younger kids were more tolerant. Emma’s social skills were not that of her age group also, thus attracting her to younger kids.

Placing Emma back in grade two will give her confidence because she will be able to do the work asked of her, making her feel worthy socially. Emma’s social skills are that of a younger child as it is so I feel she will feel better in a grade two class. Being part of the normal curriculum will teach her valuable skills she will carry with her for life. I am confident that at the end of the school year Emma will have mastered the skills needed to progress into grade three. I am hopeful that we can get Emma on track and maybe remove the need for L.A. and Friendship class by placing Emma into grade two again.

Emma does not have a learning disorder she is behind so this is a reasonable option for her, to help get her on track. Emma is a tiny girl; I feel her placement back into grade two will go almost unnoticed by the other children. I will teach her how to answer kids who question her about it. Emma and I have had many talks and she wants to return to grade two, she knows it will help her get rid of the need for assistance in class. I know Emma is a twin but we have to think of her individual needs and I know that she need grade two again for the 2005/06 year.

The meeting didn't go that well the principal kept saying that it wasn't policy. I finaly said that policy be damned this is what my kid needs and I won't take no for an answer. I left with him telling me he would think about it and plan some meetings with the others involved, he would get back to me.

When I go home I called CTV News and talked to them about our story. The local News jumped at the story and called back in a few minutes saying that I would have someone here tomorrow to talk to us and do some film work for tomorrows show. I freaked out cause I didn't realy want my daughters name on the evening news, I am afraid her bio dad will see and find a renewed interest in the girls. Life is complicated enough with out that man around.

While on the phone the second time with the news show I got a call from the school and guess what?? LMAO :LOL She is held back. I guess the school was called to confirm our story and that lit a fire under the principals ass. So no news show, thank god! Emma is held back and life is good. Hehe don't mess with a determined momma
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Good for you! What a stroke of genius calling the news show!!!

Great letter your DH wrote too!
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Good for you! I will keep your story in mind in case I ever have this kind of fight.
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I remember your earlier post and am glad that you came to decision. It may be hard at first but so worth it years to come.
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Thank you thank you I take a bow even though the news idea was from a friend of mine . It worked though and I am so glad! My little girl is so relieved to be going back to grade two it has taken alot of stress out of our house. I hope this is the start of something good. Time will tell, I will make sure to post our updates here so you moms with younger ones can learn through my mistakes or hopefully my daughters success.
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