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I Think It's Show Time....Updated

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Woke up with discomfort. Immediately went into hypnosis and am now in eyes open hypnosis. Discomfort disppeared once I put myself under.

When I went to the girl's room, I noticed just more plug. I thought "sigh." Then I noticed blood!

Dang, I've never been so happy to see blood and feel nauseous in my life!!!!

It's 3:35 am EST now.

I fed and watered the cat and did some light last-min nesting. As in my birth visualization, I'm not waking DH until I must. I'm going back to bed to nap, put myself into deep hypnosis, and listen to hypnosis cds.

Will keep you posted.
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I hope it's the real deal, henhao, smooth and happy vibes! Go girl!
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I hope this is it for you!
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Yeah! Good luck!
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Hope all is going well!
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Peaceful, gentle, calming vibes being sent to aid you in your Birthing Time.
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Can't wait to get an update!

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Hypnosis is wonderful. My labour never went out of my control with it. ELV to you and hope this is really "it"!
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Good luck to you!
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How exciting! Now that my baby is an "old"8 days old, I have to come on these boards for some excitement!
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All right! Go girl!
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Keeping my fingers crossed for you. Good luck!
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Waiting waiting waiting for news -- hope it is as wonderful an experience as so many of our other Aug mamas have had!!!
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I wish I had more to report -- like a baby for instance! :LOL

Am having strong surges and had more bloody show throughout the day. I haven't timed anything. Intuitively, I feel like it's too early to time. So, I've been going about my day...wrapped a gift for DH's bday (which is tomorrow!), worked from home, and mopped the floors. I even snuck out to buy a cake for DH's bday.

It's a little nutso how good the cleaning makes me feel. I know nothing will get done for a month (at least!) after the girl arrives so better to do it now!

Sometimes I have to stop what I'm doing and breathe through a surge. They still aren't consistent though.

I guess I cld be like this for days, huh?
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yay! take a nap or two as well, so that you're ready to rock and roll when the time comes.
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I can't tell you how many birthing stories (ncluding mine) involve cleaning!

Make sure to take it easy as much as you can, enjoy romantic time with your husband if you can, just let yourself feel magical and special and prepare for a lot of work.

One of the best parts of my labor was in the maternity center jacuzzi, by candle-light, feeling each contraction wash over me like wave, peak, and then recede.
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Go Deborah!

Yep, definitely get sleep while you can! I'm so rooting you and babe on and will be thinking about you constantly and praying for a great birth and a beautiful baby!
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Are you out there, henhao? Bring us some news!
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thinking of you
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I am hoping that since you haven't been around for a day or two you are holding your babe now. Thinking of you.
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