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+ news but concern about 2ww.com

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First the wonderful great news, I'm pregnant
Our second child should make his or her entrance in mid August.

But now here is my concern, I bought my pregnancy tests from 2weekwait.com. I kept feeling more and more pregnant, but the test that measure at 20, kept coming back negative. Well on day 16 dpo, I bought a pack of EPT that measure at 40 and it instantly came back positive At the same time I took the EPT, I took a 2ww.com, used the same "sample" again neg, took one today and it's neg. So yes the good news is we are having another baby. But has anyone ever had this problem with this company.
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So happy for you!

I have had only faint lines with those cheap pg tests, and have heard the same of other friends who get them. Even when they were pregnant, and a week past the date that their period would have shown up, they would get a very faint line. When other tests gave nice dark lines already. These were from another website, but I wouldn't be surprised if 2ww sells those same kind of tests.

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Congratulations! And I'm glad you mentioned your concern with the ultra-cheap pregnancy tests. I just received an order of a bunch more from 2weekwait.com (along with some OPKs), but have never had success with these type of HPTs in the past and have wondered about others' experience. I had chalked it up to my using those tests just too early on, because I knew how sensitive they were supposed to be (whereas I tended to use the OTC brands when I was farther along in my cycle -- after I had used up all the cheap ones testing too early!), but perhaps it's a broader flaw in the tests themselves?

I'm going to pose this question on the I'm Pregnant board, to see if others have had different or similar experiences.

In the meantime, congratulations again!

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I've only had one ++ HPT in my life. My other pg was dx by the Drs office after I was *sure* I wasn't.

I have used the cheap opks and hpts for two years. Never had a false ++ with the HPTS and never had a problem with the opks.
But this month was my first time buying from 2ww. My usual source closed for maternity leave.

I got 6 false -- over a two month span with store bought hpts when I was pg the first time.
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I have been using the LH surge sticks from 2ww.com for the past week, and it keeps showing that I have had no surge, but I am beginning to doubt it. Congrats but bummer that the tests are coming back neg from them. Makes me wonder if I should just forget it.
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Wanted to add that despite my frustrating track record with the cheap pregnancy tests, I think I've had better luck with the cheap OPKs. I say "I think" because one test this weekend came up positive for an LH surge, but I wasn't charting or anything (officially this is just a test month, not a TTC month!) and this is the first cycle I've tried OPKs, so I can't confirm that I indeed ovulated shortly thereafter. And I have no idea how often OPKs come up with false positives -- is it rare as in the case of the pregnancy tests?

In short, I'm not sure the OPKs from 2weekwait.com are necessarily flawed -- at least in my experience thus far, they seemed to work OK. The HPTs are the ones I'm starting to doubt.
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False +++ with a HPT are when there is a "shadow line" where the ++ should be. This often happens when the test is read after the time stated on the test. I've never known anyone to get a true false ++ with an HPT.

As far as OPKs, I've never heard of an OPK giving a false ++. Of course it depends how you define a false ++. Some conditions can result in high LH in the system. Often menopausal women will get this. Doesn't mean they are Oing though. But the test just tests LH level not why it's high. Obviously some fertility drugs will give false results. Hence the wait time.
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I got a false + on a store bought HPT in July...it was pretty heartbreaking...I called the pharmacist, he said he'd never heard of a false +, called the nurse info line, she said it's actually pretty common to get a false +...anyway, never used the tests you're suggesting....but~


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In case anyone is still wondering about the 2weekwait.com tests: I can now say (happily) that both the OPKs and the HPTs I ordered from them worked. I tested positive on an OPK on 12/6 and then positive on an HPT on Christmas (and again on another HPT this past weekend, on 12/28, because I'm still in disbelief!).

So, looks like cheap can be good, at least in this case! Go, Internet bargains!

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