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PP mamas - How are you feeling about your bodies?

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While I'm amazed at what my body has been able to do and is doing now in nursing my young one, boy do I feel dumpy! I'm pretty anxious to get rid of my tummy and I just discovered (shouldn't have gotten on the scale, I know....) that I lost only 10 pounds since the birth. I'm not beating myself up, and I know it's probably too soon to exercise (20 days PP), but I'd feel so much better if I was back to my "old self". How are the rest of you handling this? Or am I the only one who's uptight about this? Let's talk.
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:LOL I'm with you. I'd feel so much better if I could lose 15 lbs by tomorrow morning, but I know that's not happinin'. I've been walking into town almost every day and have worked up to 50 crunches, but haven't seen any results yet. I guess I'd feel better if I had some jeans that fit. Right now I only have two pairs of stretchy shorts and one pair of workout type pants and I feel dumpy as well. I just can't see spending money on new clothes that *hopefully* won't fit me very long. I do firmly believe in the "nine months up, nine months down" theory, but it is hard to be patient.
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i fit right back into my pre preg clothes the day after she was born.. still a tad flabby though, i plan to start walking but im sleepy all the time as my little one is a boob-aholic she eats a ton so sleep in no good
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I'm feeling pretty ok about my body. I'm not one to obsess too much though.I did weigh myself a couple days ago to learn I still have 20lbs to go! obviously it's still really early but it was more than I expected :LOL I will likely start treadmilling in a few weeks..
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I have 16 lbs. to lose. But more than the weight is my hips going down to the way they were before. They are the reason I can't put my jeans on. My thighs are doing great losing weight by themselves! LOL! I think I was back to my regular pants around month 5 or 6 with DD and that was with no exercise.

I also can't fit into my shirts. Breasts are too big now. I really need a whole new wardrobe. LOL!

Overall I am ok with my body. I need to start exercising after I figure out how to get it into my schedule.
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I'm still doing some major healing from the tear and stitches, so I'm not even thinking about exercise yet. I'm amazed at how fast the tummy is going down, though I'm absolutely nowhere near fitting into any of my pre-preggers clothes. I've decided that the key to keeping my ego up is staying in maternity pants for longer than I think I need to, so I can think, "gosh, look how baggy these are in the hips and thighs!". I probably have about 25 lbs to lose, but I'm staying away from the scale.

I remember reading about a PP-safe situp or modified crunch that supposed to be safe on the stretched-out tummy muscles. Anyone know where I can find a description of said crunch? My ab muscles are pretty abused.
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ok - i'm 1 wk pp and trying not to do too much. any idea why stairs are bad?? i have a hard time limiting that.

anyway, i'm down 20 lbs, have 20 to go. the tummy seems to be bouncing back quickly, so we'll see. i didn't do anything but nurse dd to get the weight off and it seemed to work - i'm pretty exercise adverse beyond walks with the kids
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It helps that I was dumpy before I got pregnant!
I am pretty amazed that my body was able to birth my child so easily (not at the moment but looking back it was pretty easy) and that I can produce so much milk to meet all his needs. Plus survive on so little sleep!

I do have this major tummy between my boobs and hips that is really gross. Of course I am only a week and a half postpartum.
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I'm 2 weeks PP and am really not thinking about it much. I have lost about 20 lbs so have another 20 to go, but I figure it will take awhile, even with 2 kids nursing.

Right now I'm just staying in maternity shorts and baggy t-shirts. I can't remember how long the belly took to "deflate" with DD1, but I don't really want to know since it might be totally different this time around!

Besides, my little pooch belly makes a nice cushion for DD2 to nurse on...lol.

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I've got an infection in my incision, so I hurt. Plus, Leila is getting close to a month old, and I've realized I've gone from cute and pregnant to just plain fat. And, of course, since she was a c-section, I'm not allowed to exercise..
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A bit over 2 week PP and only 7 lbs left till I'm back to Prepregnancy weight, woohoo! The weight is falling off of me, mainly because I have NO appetite! I am eating, but probably not as much as I should be. The belly is pretty small by this point, but not as small, and much looser than I'd like. I *almost* fit into my pre-preg. pants, but not quite, b/c of the tummy. I've been doing short ab workouts and crunches, but not much result yet. I got marked up pretty badly too, so lots of loose skin, just hanging around...
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I worked so hard to gain 34 pounds during my pregnancy, wanting a nice "fat pad" for nursing, but I'm so tired of my new body. Well, it's not the body that bothers me so much as having to still wear my maternity clothes that I was sick of even before DS was born! For the last month, I was down to three skirts and a few shirts that fit (or sort of - my tummy was still always sticking out) and there are a few other things that fit now but I'm so tired of them all. I want my old wardrobe back. I don't think I will ever fit into my old shorts with these new hips. I seem wider all over, including my back. Anyone else notice that? And shoes, I'm anxious to fit into shoes that cover my whole foot before the cold weather comes. :LOL
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Well I weigh 10 lbs less than my pre-pregnancy weight so that's a bonus but I too feel kind of antsy to exercise and can't. I don't know why stairs are limited either. I think I have one thing on my side, we were hospitalized for 10 days and that gave me over a week of resting and having nothing to do but lounge about, nurse baby, worry about baby, worry about family, feel sad, alone, missing everyone. SO I got a lot of the emotinal baggage/depression out of the way and came home to confusion yet very little in the way of work to do. I think this was quite a bonus.

If hubby hadn't had a major breakdown on day 9 of hospitalization it would've been perfect but that's life.

Slowely the kids are getting back into a routine, loving having their Mom back and yeah I'm fat and dumpy and don't care at this moment.

The nice thing is, I can stand in the hot shower on my incision and ahhh feel the relief. I wish hubby could stay home more often!!

I used to get bummed saying " I wish the world would stop and let me off" well it did and man it's hard jumping back on.

:0 Kitty
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Hmmm...well, I'm 11 days pp and I'm slowly getting back to "normal." I was trying to lose weight before I got pg. Haven't weighed myself since having baby...hate the scale! I don't think I look pregnant anymore...thankfully! I did have that for almost a week. I've been wearing lots of elastic waist stuff, but it's getting old.
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I am never happy with my postpartum body. Last baby took me 6 months to fit into regular jeans and not look pregnant. Right now (9 daypp) I look about 5 months pregnant! I also have the hormonal changes: face breaks out, hair falls out, etc. Breasts are big and swollen. hard to feel good about body right now, but I remember to try to be easy on myself. I will join weight watchers again, I have always lost the weight with them, but this time I have alot more to lose. Also will buy myself some nice nursing shirts that are forgiving. By the time baptism rolls around, I am always uptight and depressed trying to find something to wear, this time I will try not to worry about it.
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Well, I had my baby 5 days ago and for the most part I feel ok, better than last time. I had an episiotomy again, but this time it doesn't hurt as much as the first time. The worst part right now are the sore nipples (my baby was sooo impatient for my milk to come in, he was nursing almost non-stop for the first 3 days) and just being tired from lack of sleep. Jonah has his days and nights mixed up... meaning no sleep for me. As for the wt loss, I'm trying not to think about it too much yet... hoping that maybe BFing will help with the majority of it and I know I am still retaining some water (my ankles and feet look a bit swollen). Problem is I've had a headache for the past day, BP is ok, I am hydrated... DH thinks it's from sleep deprevation.
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Heh, I know i'm only 1-1/2 days PP, so I'm just thrilled to be able to reach down and touch my toes! The spare flabby tire around my middle is still amusing to me. Give me a couple weeks and Ill be feeling dumpy too.
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Like Kristin, It is all new to me- only 4 days pp. I feel skinny, but of course, I am not really. After having that huge belly though, I feel like I take up no room at all.
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Originally Posted by chiro_kristin
The spare flabby tire around my middle is still amusing to me..
The jello belly? It takes a while to get rid of that. Mine is smaller now, but I can still fold it over the top of my pants...gross!!
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Anyone else telling themselves they look "Rubenesque"?


There I am! :LOL
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