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Just a note : My Doctor told me that it's actually *not* good to bathe a baby/young child every day (barring head-to-toe muck ). It dries their skin out; the natural oils are good for them.

I do bathe my kids before bed if they've been really dirty that day, even if it's just a sponge bath. But I'm not gonna freak out if they haven't bathed in the last 24 hours simply because it's been X ammount of time.

Clean is good, dirty is good; extremes either way are not (Meaning, scrubbing every second of the day and never allowed outside/ has only had one bath in the past 5 years and plays in trash every day :LOL ).

The only thing I'd want to be a little cautious about is ingesting dirt, etc. parasites are more common than we realize
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I have always let my kids get dirty.

I have always tried to keep them from ingesting things that are not food.

Especially outside stuff, which could have all sorts of icky-yuckies in/on it, including but not limited to lead (in the soil), parasites, animals droppings, etc. I'm all for not being fanatical about germs, but I am also all for trying to keep my kid from getting some sort of yucky illness.

If I saw a young child eating dirt, yeah, I'd think it was gross. And I'm not an uptight person.

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it is fine that children play in dirt! i hated when people would flip out when we'd be at the park and dd would be full of dirt. children are washable. and it is good for their sences. feel the dirt.smell the dirt.taste the dirt.

long live dirt!
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Shortly after I posted yesterday, my two oldest got into the ash can out on the patio. (It's usually out of reach, but dh moved it for some reason). THe baby came outside while I was taking pictures of them and found a chunk of ash, which she thought was just delicious. Here are my little grubby urchins:

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my dd is always filthy by the end of the day. If sh wasn't I ould fel bad that w didn't do anything fun. Sh i almost always barefoot as long as the area is safe. I actually had a mom ask me one day how I keep her clothes so clean (she doesn't know us very well) and I was offended. DD was wearing a new pair of pants. I prid myself in my dd's grass stains. To me it means that she is having a great day!
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My teens don't get that dirty on a daily basis anymore, but they will if they want/need to. My 3 yo doesn't like to be sticky or wet, but doesn't mind dirt. He won't finger paint, but he'll dig. The littlest one is a dirt magnet! I have my own personal acceptance level of dirt to deal with, but I try not to let it interfere with their fun & learning. I mean, I prefer not to have a sticky, snotty face rubbed on me, but it sure doesn't have to be perfectly clean. And if the child with the aforementioned face is in distress in any way, my "issue" gets ignored--I can always change my shirt later.

And we don't bathe daily. We'll bathe the bits that need it--usually feet, face and hands--before bed. Personally, I get a good shower 2ce a week, and have had no complaints about smell, etc. I think it's bad for people to bathe too often, just as it's bad to bathe too little! (My youngest and I both have some eczema which is exacerbated by too frequent water/soap).
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God made dirt don't don't hurt Yes I let my toddler play and get dirty kids that are allowed to safely get dirty often have fewer allergies and are overall healthier. No ones saying let them play with rusty nails or in the sewer just good old fashioned gotta hose em off latter fun.. Umm if shes has a dirt full day we doa quick bath at the end of the day no biggie but if shes not really dirty them umm we bath her bout once or twice a week. Its really not healthy to bath daily and for my DD excema its really not wise. We wash hand before eatting and when going potty we so quick wash ups of hands and face and feet at the end of the day and we do dentle hygine. Not a biggie

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One of my favorite childhood memories is camping at Seldon's Island on the Connecticut River every summer. There was a small cove with a tiny beach that opened up onto a huge bend in the river. We'd hop in that water, dive down, and scoop up big ol' double handfuls of mud and river grass and give each other "spa treatments." That mud would be in our hair, between our toes, in our bathing suits. . . . And then we'd spend the next three days camping, with no bathrooms, showers, or antibacterial soap in sight. LOVED IT! We were filthy by the end of the trip, probably a little smelly, and just as happy as could be. Never got sick from it, never got *lol* lice from it, never got any fewer hugs from our parents from it. And that bath we got first thing when we got home felt sooooo much better than our usual weekly baths did. :LOL

Imagine my surprise when I asked our doctor about following old habits versus new research, and she said that what my mother did was absolutely correct -- bathing a baby once a week is best for her skin, with spot cleaning in between for the grubby bits. For a toddler, she recommended twice a week. More if she gets really grubby, less if her skin feels dry. Works for me!
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Mud that dries on the skin can be really uncomfortable!!
I once encouraged my dd to get covered head to toe in a puddle at a park with thick mud. And she was.
But silly me, there was no hose at the park. By the time we got home the dried bits were like a mud facial all over her body! Poor thing was quite uncomfortable.
Now we dont do the full body mud thing unless we have a way to at least rinse a little.
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Originally Posted by johub
Mud that dries on the skin can be really uncomfortable!!
I once encouraged my dd to get covered head to toe in a puddle at a park with thick mud. And she was.
But silly me, there was no hose at the park. By the time we got home the dried bits were like a mud facial all over her body! Poor thing was quite uncomfortable.
Now we dont do the full body mud thing unless we have a way to at least rinse a little.
Yeah, I could see that. But we were in the river. WAAAAY more water than mud! (Just not the cleanest water!) :LOL
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I guess I'm a neglectful mom with a dirty kid :LOL
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Get Dirty!

As a teacher I see kids hang out inside WAY to much. I always have said that children need to be outdoors breaking themselves. They need to eat dirt, grass and bugs. They'll be fine. If they grow up outside then they'll most likely stay out there instead of glued to their TV sets.
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Dirt is one thing but I'd avoid mulch at the park. Commercial mulch or wood chips can contain all kinds of wood from yucky chemically sources or poisonous woods. Every year on my equestrian lists there is someone whose horse gets poisoned from them having used commercial sawdust or woodchips as bedding. Plus mulch is designed to hold moisture so it is more likely to be teeming with mold spores than plain old dirt.

I was always one of those clean kids; though I would get terribly messy, playing outside I never got dirty. I also didnt like a lot of rough games and might have told an adult that I was afraid of getting dirty while I looked longingly at the other kids wishing they'd play something else, but I don't think not wanting to get dirty ever really kept me from doing anything I wanted to do, just if I did get dirty I wanted to get clean again fairly quickly (I'm still like that actually, and I'm still miss messy). But still I know what Johub means..I had cousins whose mom would SCREAM at them when they came to visit if they ran around and got a little sweaty, if they ever got dirty she would have blown a major fuse the one time they got a little mud on their legs (and I mean just a few spatters), she made them take a bath at our house.

I was always messy but clean, one brother was as neat as a pin but would get dirty, and my other brother was pigpen..always a total disaster within minutes of having had a bath so it had nothing to with our parents, it was just how we were. Because of my dislike for dirt though I feel like I need to be careful not to influence my son too much..I think I wipe his face too often because I don't want to get the mud or dirt on me. However, since he is a big water baby, at the moment he thinks washing his hands or wiping his face is fun so no conflict yet. Hopefully there won't be an issue and he'll like getting dirty and getting clean again

As a preschool teacher I had kids who wouldn't participate in messy stuff because they didn't want to be dirty, I found that if there was a way for them to clean up periodically during the activity (not making them wait til after it was over) they would often choose to participate. For kids that are really phobic about dirt its often a self image problem and doing mirror excercises can help them be more confident about it but for most kids its just a sensory preference and doesn't mean they aren't having fun.

I was glad to read this thread by the way, I always feel weird because even a lot of the crunchy mom's around here use shopping cart covers and take toys away if they fell on the floor. We got a shopping cart cover as a baby gift and I ended up returning it because I didn't see the point of having to carry it every time we went out.
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I'm always late to the best parties. I was trying to copy and paste, but it got to be too numerous so I just thought I'd post my own words instead!

I have always been a very neat person, even as a kid. Bathed every day, washed my hair everyday. And I got lice in 4th grade from sharing a hairbrush with another girl. Bathing and washing does nothing to prevent lice. The ignorance about these kinds of things is astounding.

I'm all for dirty kids, but interestingly, ds1 is just like me. He doesn't like to be dirty. If food drips on his hands, he wants me to wipe it off (he does it himself now). He'll play in the dirt or the mud, but somehow always ends up being the cleanest looking kid there. For his first birthday we gave him his own little vegan cake, hoping for the typical smear all over your face cake pics, and he barely got it on the corner of his mouth! When he was a baby, we only bathed him a couple of times a week. He was always clean and yummy smelling.

My neighbors kids can walk by dirt and somehow end up covered head to toe within 5 seconds. Her kids always look dirtier than mine, yet they have all been doing/eating the same thing! And, she actually bathes them much more often, sometimes 2x a day! But if they eat one popsicle they look like they haven't bathed in a week.

I do change my kid's clothes if they are really dirty because when I pick them up and carry them around it gets all over me, and I'm not big into sticky dirty on me. But kids rolling around in mud puddles? No problem at all.

Sidenote: For skin prone to eczema, like mine, the worst thing you can do is bathe every day. Add my ped to the list of docs who recommend against bathing babies every day.
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I love to see kids rolling in the mud having a grand time. I don't like my baby to eat dirt though. I don't want her to get some kind of parasite. I also wouldn't let her knaw on a stick because I would be afraid that a splinter might hurt her gums. Other than that, she has freedom to roam and get as filthy as she pleases. We live by the beach and my kids spend much of the time with sandy, gritty hair. I do wash her before we go anywhere that is indoors, though. It yucks me out to see babies in grocery stores, etc. that look like they haven't been bathed in a week. Maybe they have been just playing in the yard - but maybe their mom could care less about taking care of them.
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I have one of those super clean kids too. When he was first learning to climb those playgroung platforms, he would stop an wipe off his hands after climbing each step. (I have actually had to teach him how to get dirty. Picture adult woman jumping in every puddle along the road and puposely smearing food on young child's face for a picture... ) Kids need dirt!
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People are too uptight. I let dd get as dirty as she wants at home. I am more careful at our parks because syringes sometimes show up and there is usually some poop on the grass too.

I do need to work on having play shoes for outside, because her regular shoes are getting trashed.

DD will spend hours making sand and mud pies in the backyard. I was the same way as a kid, playing with sticks, collecting rocks, making "soup", climbing trees, etc. Playing outside is so fun!

As far as dirty kids at the grocery store go, it doesn't really bother me unless there are obvious signs of neglect. What bugs me more is seeing a baby in just a disposable diaper in the grocery store.
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especially a wet sagging one down to their knees.
I hate that too
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I've become less uptight about dirt with each kid. My youngest does play in and sometimes eat dirt (I try to discourage the eating part!) and we don't even bathe every day. More like a couple of times a week. We don't generally go anywhere that it matters...and I don't care what the people at the grocery store think.

Nice to know we're not the only ones.
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Wow, I'm cringing a bit... Didn't realize I'd start 8 pages of controversy. And I want to point out as the OP that I NEVER said anything about not bathing my child. I think I explicitly said that she never goes to bed dirty, but I have to back up the assertion that a daily bath with soap is not healthy for ANYONE's skin; I wash her when she's dirty, otherwise she just soaks in warm water. The only parts that I always wash are her hands, face, and diaper area.

But yeah, when she's been dirty outside I always wash her. I don't want all that muck in my bed, after all.

But anyway, WOW.
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