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My neighbors kids can walk by dirt and somehow end up covered head to toe within 5 seconds. Her kids always look dirtier than mine, yet they have all been doing/eating the same thing! And, she actually bathes them much more often, sometimes 2x a day! But if they eat one popsicle they look like they haven't bathed in a week.

Ds's best buddy is a pigpen kind of kid! He just attracts dirt. He and ds like to play in the tub together. They'll take a bath together, and ten minutes later he's just grubby. Somehow ds stays clean longer. But ds doesn't much care to get dirty.

We had a bog between our neighbors' yards last summer. Ds happened to slip and fall in the mud, and he had to come home right away to change pants. After that, he would go around the block to avoid the mud!

Dd is our nature girl. She would live outside if we'd let her. So she gets plenty dirty. And hates to be wiped down. She does love her bath, so she plays in the water once or twice a day. But I only wash her when she really needs it.

Ds's Montessori preschool has a huge sandbox that they play in every day. He comes home sandy every day. It reminds me of the hours that we spent at our favorite playground when he was a toddler. He would play and play, then fall asleep on the way home. I'd carry him to his bed, and he'd wake up all sandy and crusty. I'll take a happy kid and a sandy bed any day!
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It's perfectly okay to let her play in the dirt, in fact, children build a better immune system that way.

Whip me up a mudpie!
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I have always had better things to do than worry about whether my kids were perfectly 100 % clean and bathed all the time. My boys (now ages 10 and 8) usually got one bath per week, sometimes two, during the summer (more often during the school year) and they did just fine...never any lice and never any lack of friends. Now we pretty much let them decide on their own "cleansing schedule," and we don't push the issue unless they get really bad. They are usually pretty good about it, but I admit they don't always bathe/shower daily...and we just don't worry about it.
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Originally Posted by cyncyn
What bugs me more is seeing a baby in just a disposable diaper in the grocery store.
Umm..I've been that mama. My youngest (5 months) went through a one week phase of spitting up a LOT. I got tired of changing her shirt every ten minutes. Also, it was HOT here. So I just stopped putting clothes on her for a while. I thought she was very cute! Never would have crossed my mind that I might be annoying someone! I think all naked babies are adorable.
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I've been that mama too. In fact, my dd is almost 2 and we walked around the zoo a couple of weeks ago with her in nothing but a diaper! I had 4 kids total, and dd spilled a sticky juice all down the front of her shirt AND shorts. She was drenched and sticky. For a long list of reasons that are too boring to go into, I didn't have a change of clothes for her. My choices were pack up all the kids and kiss the money I spent to get in away, let dd go around drenched and sticky and uncomfortable all day, or let her wear only a diaper. I chose the last one, and I got alot of "looks" that day. Oh well.
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Another filthy kid here!
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My boys love to get dirty and it really doesn't bother me unless they are tracking it all over the house! I don't really care if other people's kids are dirty either!
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<<Dirt washes...memories are forever>>

Amen Sistah. Another mom of two happy dirty kids! The mud pie factory in the yard has been in full swing since the snow melted

My mom, AKA Donna Read (or Mrs Cleaver whichever you like) let us get dirty too, she nicknamed me "Grub" for the longest time! :LOL
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I don't think i would want to offer up how often my young children (don't) bathe.

But i will tell you all that dirt is probably a reason none of my children have needed an antibiotic in 13 years. And two of my children have never had them. The other two have had them once each. One not until they were 12.

Dirt is gooooooood.
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Originally Posted by babydoll
Well it may be true that headlice is a communicable disease. Thankfully I have never had it! However, the child that is bathed daily is FAR more likely to nip it in the bud immediately than those whose NEGLECTFUL parent waits 4 days to give him or her a bath!

When I was in second grade the girl next to me ALWAYS had headlice. We had to sit in alphabetical order. Every time the nurse came thorugh with her nit comb and spray alcohol this girl had it, yet I sat next to her for years and I never got it. Maybe luck combined with daily bathing.

I am not going to dignify the rest of the drivel you posted about dirty kids with a reply, but I do have to give you some clarification on head lice. Unless you are CHECKING DAILY, the number of baths that you give your child with not help nor hinder you finding it quicker. You will not see them during a bath UNLESS YOU LOOK! My daughter had it twice when she was younger, both times were when I was anal about her appearance, cause I (mistakenly) thought that was part of what made me a good mother. I think it might be because I was ignorant to the fact that clean kids can get it *gasp* and was lulled into a false sense of security so I did not check. Since I have got off my high horse about how my kids look, and let them be kids *gasp again* she has not gotten it once, but I still check and do my best to minimize her heads contact with other kids and their head accessories (mostly by keeping her hair up in a bun at school and asking her not to share head things) but so what if she gets it again. Worse things have happened.
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Head lice are more attracted to clean hair than dirty. Lice have nothing to do with how dirty or clean you are.

Kids should be allowed to get dirty!!!!
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our daughter is only 3 months old, but bring on the dirt!! When she is old enough to crawl/explore etc...she will have free reign unless it is dangerous/toxic etc... weonly clean with vinegar and baking soda so I probably won't even babyproof the cabinets they are kept in -- call me "neglectful" but I am all about dirt -- it is a natural immune system builder... I had her at home, didn't "sanitize" or any crap like that beforehand, just cleaned with my regular ol' vinegar ... we don't wash our hands when we hold her unless we have just used the bathroom or something (that is just common sense)...sometimes her paci will be stuck in the crook of the chair and I will kind of wipe in on my shirt and pop it back in her mouth.... guess I am a terrible mother but for 3 months she is healthier than ever (never been vaxxed etc)....

This obsession with cleanliness in our society is creepy to me -- of course, I am not about to let her knaw on the side of the cat's litter box or go days without bathing if there is an inch of crust all over her --- and if we were going to a wedding/funeral/party/pictures etc I would make sure she was squeaky clean and cute as a button... but for every day living, I am more concerned with her happiness (and mine) than with following her around with a can of Lysol or something...

And about lice, for your info lady, my mom was kind of like you are (but not so anal!!) and we got bathed EVERY SINGLE NIGHT even if we didn't even get dirty... hair washed, the whole deal, and guess who got lice in the second grade? Yup, Miss clean, me.... and everyone is talking about lice like it will freaking kill you and is the most disgusting thing to ever happen... of course it is kind of yucky, no one wants it, but shit happens.... it was just very unpleasant combing my hair out with that crap in it (the stuff to kill them) as my hair was very long and thick ... but I never got it again so it was just luck of the draw (or un-luck as it were)...

As far as the grocery store thing... yeah I might swipe her face and hands with a baby wipe or something before going but I am not about to do a wardrobe change and a bath just to pick up some friggin soy milk....

Some people are WAY uptight....
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You should see people when I let my 2yo dd splash in puddles! "What do you do she gets wet?" mmmm..... let me see.....dry her off? That's why we're made washable!
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I'm ok with safe dirt, no throwing, no eating. I do let him go shopping with cheesy, crackery clothes, but not actually dirty.
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I don't think i would want to offer up how often my young children (don't) bathe.
Glad I'm not the only one :LOL I won't even go into the long list of yucky stuff my 2 year old has eaten. He's curious about things, he feels it, smells it, tastes it, and just explores it in general. He also has never really been sick and is very bright. Both boys roll around the sandbox (usually after spitting hose water at each other) or shimmy around the garden on their bellies chasing bugs and worms. They love puddles and throw grass and leaves at each other for fun. My 2 year old doesn't even wear pants anymore, they just get wet and slow him down. He spent his morning crawling through the IL's garden eating whatever fruits and veggies he could find (not sprayed).

As for stores, I would be more worried about the chemicals in the soaps and baby wipes than I would be about a little dirt. My kids are frequently dirty in stores. I try to wash their hands and faces so they don't get merchandise dirty, but usually we just grab them and go (and quite often any trip in the van requires a detour to the sandbox or flower bed). Dh can't resist a mudpuddle splash-fest in any parking lot we happen to be in (just watered plants at the garden centers provide many), I just ask him to try to refrain splashing with the boys until AFTER we shop because I don't always enjoy carrying a wet and muddy child around the store.

FWIW my ds1 has a lot of sensory issues. It has taken all of his 4 years to overcome freaking out about dirt and grass on him, but we have worked a lot on it just slowly encouraging him to try new things. He used to scream and freak out at the smallest amount of dirt, but now he rolls around in the sandbox. He enjoys so many more things now (like looking for bugs) that he never would have done before. It took a lot of time and patience, but I really believe playing in the muck has so much value to children.

And no, I don't bathe them every day, or even every other day. We go far too long between baths sometimes. Ah well, they are dirty. Not the end of the world. The friction of tomorrows play will rub off the dirt from today right :LOL And horror of horrors, we don't use soap OR shampoo. I do hate sleeping in a pile of sand though.......
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When my boys were younger, I never saw the extreme importance of bathing them every day. So they often went 2, 3,4 days without a bath, and we didn't worry how dirty they OR their clothes got. They got baths eventually and were none the worse for wear. Now that they are older, they are allowed to choose their own schedule for bathing, and they also don't necessarily see a need for the daily routine. But that's up to them now, and I still don't worry about it .
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I thought of this thread while my 11 mo. old baby was getting delightfully dirty at the park today.

He got filthy rolling in the sand, crawling in the grass, and chewing on sticks. I turned my attention away for just a second and in the meantime he dumped out my yogurt into the sand. He had a blast playing in the sand/yogurt mess. A while later, my friend's dd set her container of bubbles down on the ground and you guessed it- ds found them, dumped them out, then had a grand time splashing and rolling the liquid. And oh yeah, he also has a runny nose. Let me tell you, snot is a dirt magnet!

By the time we left, ds was literally caked in dirt, sand, grass stains, yogurt, snot, and bubble solution. His hair was crusted with dried goo. You would have never guessed that he'd bathed with me this morning.

We came straight home, but if I had needed to run a quick errand I wouldn't have hesitated. Maybe I would have gotten some dirty looks in the grocery store, but frankly, I don't give a damn because my filthy little boy couldn't have been happier!
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DS LOVES getting filthy. I have no problems with it. If we're outside playing, chances are at least one of us is dirty. I'll get right down in the dirt with him. Monday afternoon we spent over at my moms house (They're out of the country in GREECE!!! <jealous> ) and DS loves to play in their huge backyard and garden, (and I love doing laundry and hanging it out on the line :LOL )
and gets really dirty. It was rather warm outside, so he's out there naked, covered in sand from the sandbox, dirt/mud from the garden, blackberry juices (he just eats 'em off the vine of course) and snot.

<sigh> I love my dirty little boy....
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Dirty Children

I have allways belived that there nothing wrong with a child being dirty, as long as it's not day old dirt

Two years ago we took our children to Mighty Mud Mania, in St Louis see
http://www.co.st-louis.mo.us/parks/mud-mania.html The Children LOVED IT!
It is the ultimate place for parents to take your children to have some good clean dirty fun.

I am allso a strong beliver that going barefoot should be a part of childhood, i wish that children could go to school barefoot, there is no good reason why this should not be allowed, up to the last half of the 20th century it was very common for children to go to school barefoot.

Please see my fav web site Parents for Barefoot Children at, www.unshod.org/pfbc

God Bless you all............Beth.

Beth Chandler... shoelessfamily@yahoo.com
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That mud party looks like fun!!

And, slightly OT, my dd1 goes barefoot as much as possible. I get SO many sideways looks at the playground. :LOL

By the way,

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