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I say,


because it is the holiday season

I know ya'll were dying to know that about me...
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can't catch me...I'm the threadlkiller...
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Yeah, but it kept going for a long long time before you killed it.
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oh, no one wants to post now that there is no arguing.
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Battle of the thread-killer all-stars ...

- Amy
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I will be happy to receive a great greeting given with genuine good will, regardless of the words however this thread will make me more sensitive in the future~ as to how I greet others.
thankyou to all the hurt feelings that went into making this thread as I learned much...your opinions are appreciated by me~
~*~*~*~*seasons greetings/happyholidays~*~*~*~*~*~*~*
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I would love to use Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays! But it isn't PC and we have to think of other peoples feelings.Merry Christmas Britishmum and Happy holidays to all!

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I am sincerely sorry I offended anyone with my comments about the term Happy Holidays. I didn't mean to use caps when replying I hit the button and stupidly didn't think about changing it. Please forgive me and to everyone have a Happy Holiday Season and a Woderful New Year!

Thanks for welcomingme to MDC. I enjoy chatting with everyone.
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Thankyou and Welcome.

Happy Holidays.
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Aww, mdc is so cool!

I've learned a lot through this thread, or at least, have thought hard. I still have some thinking to do, and I'm sure it will never end, now that I am trying to bring up children with three major cultural influences - British, German and American. A really interesting mixture

Thanks for the greeting, Jude's Mama. Merry Christmas to you too, and Happy Holidays to everyone.

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