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Finally!!! Christian James is here!!!

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Just call me Xena Warrior Princess!!

55 hours of full-on labor!!! He finally arrived at 6:55 p.m. Central time tonight, 8/24. He is 7 pounds, 6 ounces, 19-3/4 inches

Beautiful little cone-headed boy! Nursing like a champ and finally conked out.

Will post birth story and pics after I've finally gotten some sleep and am not bleeding so much.

I knew all of you were supporting me, and I thought of you while I was totally exhausted, wondering how much longer I could be doing this. Today I did tell my MWs that I would rather labor/push at least 2 more days before I went to the hospital, as they would have cut me so long ago!

No drugs either! (can you tell I'm proud of myself?)
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WOW!!! GREAT job mama!!!! Congrats and enjoy your sweet baby boy!! I can't wait to see pics!!!
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wow 55 hours of labor! congrats to you! welcome baby Christian
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Phew Kristen you're tougher than me!! Congratulations you sound so happy!! Kitty
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WooHoo!!! Congratulations Mama! You do know that I've been obsesively checking and rechecking our due date club, birth stories, TAO (in case you posted over there) Life w/a Babe, anywhere, hoping to see your update! Dh even asked if I'd heard about "that Chrio_K's baby yet?" We were all rooting for you over here.

Welcome to the world Chistian!

Enjoy your babymoon and snuggle that baby!!!
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Congrats Kristin! You are my hero! Welcome to the world Christian Now be nice to your Mommy and let her get a bit of sleep. Can't wait to see pics and read your birth story. Enjoy your babymoon!
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Yippee! Yahooo! You should be proud of yourself Xena! Way to go mama!
Get some rest and catch us up when you can! Welcome baby!
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Congrats! I've been checking in to see how you were doing. Go warrior princess of birth!
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Way to go!

Happy B-Day Christian! Go Mamma!
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WOW! You go, Xena!

Welcome Christian!!
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Hey Xena!

Awesome job, Mama!! I am so proud of you, and in total awe of you--WOW--I bow to you (and people think I was brave or heroic or whatever- yeah right, compared to you! )

Hope you slept well last night and have a wonderful day with baby Christian today.
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Congratulations!! What a woman you are...55 hours!?!
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Congratulations! You're a real trooper!
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Congrats Kristin!! Way to go! Get some rest and enjoy your baby!
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You are such a woman! Just the posting I was hoping to see today.

Welcome to the world, Christian! Good job, Xena!
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Dang, woman, when you have a baby, you really have a baby! :LOL

Congrats, and kiss the pumpkin for us!
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And to think I was jealous when I read that your water broke- 55 hours- whew. You ROCK!

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