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Hi-maybe pg

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Just wanted to say hello to all the fellow Mammas here TTC.
I have a sneaking suspicion that we may be pg but it is to early to tell and I am trying not to get my hopes up just incase it is something else brewing....
I am due for AF in 9 days but believe that Dh and I conceived on Dec 2.
I feel like I am having early symptoms~nausea-frequent potty trips~dizzy spells and just general pressure down there and feeling like I have the flu but nothing ever really comes around that way....it is off and on...
I so did not expect to conceive this fast, if in fact we did. We just started TTC. It took us a year to bring our Ds here and I had the easiest pg with him....
So wish me luck and I am glad to join you and see us all be blessed...
I will know in 9 days....LOL.. Oh the wait is agony.....
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Ohhhh, I hope you are! I'm sending you good thoughts and lots of baby dust Hope the next 9 days go by quickly
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Thank you Britt...I actually called by OB~gyn today and they told me to go ahead and come in and take a blood test so I did and now I have to wait until Thursday for my results since they are closed tomorrow.....so we will see.....

BTW-Your site looks awesome! Very well done...Good Luck with it!!!

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Welcome and good luck!
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Not pg

Well I am not pg...
I am suffering from a bladder infection...lol..
Oh the joys...
You know the symptoms are about the same for both....Who knew?
Not me....
(red faced)
Well next month is a new month ...right?
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A bladder infection!! Very sorry to hear that....good luck with your next cycle!

Thanks for the kind words on my website
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