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Originally Posted by MamaInTheBoonies
I am fortunate that my doctor is well-educated and isn't 'brainwashed' by the AMA. He also advocates for safer testing procedures. I know my body quite well. I have always known immediately when something is wrong. I know most people are not allowed or taught how to listen and know their body.
I'm sorry but BS on this one. You don't know your body anymore than I do. You are ignoring risks and have an attitude that will hopefully never land you in cancerland.

I don't bow down to the doctor gods, in fact haven't seen a *real* doctor in years and years.

You ignore facts and latch onto your beliefs and go with it. Yes, there is room for improvement. But asking doctors for non-existent or in development tests and refusing a test that has been proven to help (yes it has risks, all procedures do, including herbs) is not a wise course of action (IMO).

I live in the here and now. and if I get cancer, it will be in the here and now.

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Originally Posted by MamaInTheBoonies
I found this out after being kicked out of every clinic and the only hospital for refusing a vaginal exam. I took my 5 mos pregnant self into the Nursing Home. Yes, the Nursing Home. Old people get their testing done through urine samples and blood samples, because the doctor there knew it was more dangerous to be scraping cervical cells off of elderly
Why are elderly people being tested for STDs then?
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Originally Posted by Irishmommy
Why are elderly people being tested for STDs then?
Because nursing homes are dens of iniquity.
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Actually, you would be surprised. I worked in a retirement/nursing home. It was like a soap opera!
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Originally Posted by the_lissa

Actually, you would be surprised. I worked in a retirement/nursing home. It was like a soap opera!
Well, shoot, I am no longer afraid of aging. :LOL
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Seriously, working there totally cured my fear of aging. It was like high school.
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Originally Posted by the_lissa
Seriously, working there totally cured my fear of aging. It was like high school.
With walkers.
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We had this one 100 year old resident. You should have seen him do laps around the grounds with his walker. :LOL
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Originally Posted by annettemarie
With walkers.

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Originally Posted by Victorian
You don't know your body anymore than I do.
No you don't know my body. Thankfully, I do know my body.
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[QUOTE=MamaInTheBoonies I have always known immediately when something is wrong. I know most people are not allowed or taught how to listen and know their body.[/QUOTE]

i actually agree with this and believe that intuitively we would be able to know when something is wrong with our bodies even if it's not something we can see. i also think that our bodies send out all those little signals that we tend to ignore and dismiss ... which is what gets us in trouble. so for women like me who are still learning to listen to their bodies, i think the pap is a useful tool.

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Originally Posted by supakitty
I hate to be picky but NO SOLID DATA HERE either.

*I* keep track of my patients who are non-compliant.
How disturbing.
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I Totally Agree

Laughing Out Loud


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Originally Posted by MamaInTheBoonies
I disagree. Many women have no family history of cervical cancer, so then the Pap Smear becomes more dangerous than beneficial.
I have no family history of cervical cancer. Eight years ago, with no previous abnormal paps from my previous annual exams, and absolutely no symptoms of anything, my annual pap came back really really abnormal. I had a colposcopy. It was advanced, severe dysplasia that had developed in just one year. I was very fortunate that it had not invaded beyond the surface lining of my cervix, and that my doctor was able to remove it all with a cone biopsy. If I had not had that annual pap, who knows what would have happened. I believe that annual pap was beneficial to me, not dangerous. Skipping it, and giving those cells even more time to grow there would have been dangerous.
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I'm glad this thread is here. It's reminding me that I *need* to go in for a checkup. It's such an easy thing to put off. It's probably one of my least favourite experiences ever. But it is absolutely necessary.
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Cervical Dysplasia is not cervical cancer. Nor will it always turn into cancer. Most cases of dysplasia will go away on their own.
Cervical dysplasia is a term used to describe the appearance of abnormal cells on the surface of the cervix, the lowest part of the uterus.
While dysplasia itself does not cause health problems, it is considered to be a precancerous condition....It can take 10 years or longer for cervical dysplasia to develop into cancer.
Risk factors increase the frequency of occurrence. Several risk factors have been linked to dysplasia including multiple sexual partners, early onset of sexual activity, cigarette smoking, and sexually transmitted diseases, especially human papillomavirus (HPV) and HIV infection.
Most HPV infections resolve within 6 months and many women develop immunity.
This is interesting, as the article then goes on to say how HPV left untreated causes problems...Maybe for those who do not develop immunity?

Here is one link..Cervical Dysplasia

I wonder how many cases of cervical cancer would decrease if women were allowed access to unbiased information regarding their health and how to stay healthy or minimize risks.
Too many women get unnecessary treatments for 'problems' that go away naturally and leave a woman with immunity.
How many women get unnecessary biopsies that leave scar tissue and then go on to have problems when giving birth?
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In late 1953, my mom received a prescription for diethylstilbestrol because she had slipped on the floor and was almost seven months pregnant with me. She asked the doctor what it was and if it was safe to take, and the doctor said, "Lady, do you want your baby to die?"

She never filled the prescription.

I am here today to let you know that she did the right thing. Sh e did not listen to the doctor.

DES Exposure
Between 1938 and 1971, approximately 5 million pregnant women were prescribed diethylstilbestrol (DES), a synthetic estrogen thought to help prevent miscarriage. Its use was discontinued when researchers found it to be ineffective and dangerous. The daughters of women who took DES have a higher risk for developing rare cancer of the vagina or cervix, called clear cell adenocarcinoma, and abnormalities of the cervix, vagina, and uterus.

Where is the science in giving a generation of pregnant women a powerful hormone during pregnancy that is never proven to prevent miscarriages but after thirty-three years is found to be "ineffective and dangerous"?!?

DES was also given as "dry-up" shots to women who did not care to breastfeed...how many cases of breast cancer found their inception here? (I know, the article does not say that, but it is the truth...ask any L&D nurse)

The article does not say this either, but DES was used as a fattening hormone in cattle up to 1979. So everyone had a little DES on the side with their hamburger.

I love when some of you ask for evidence or references for what I say. Here it is! In the doctors own words, they increased the breast cancer rate, cervical cancer rate, vaginal cancer rate, testicular cancer rate and G-d knows how many other cancers because they gave pregnant women an unproven, quack remedy during their pregnancies...

The sons and daughters of these women have an extremely high rate of reproductive problems and cancers.

The grandchildren and now great-grandchildren of these women are being found to have the same problems...

Where is the informed consent here?

I researched DES many years ago when it was in the news. The very fact that the hormone survived the digestive process was a big red flag as to how powerful it was, yet drug companies continued to manufacture it, sell it, and doctors prescribed it. Many times women were told they were receiving a vitamin pill, when in reality they received a powerful drug that would influence them and the rest of their family line. Dr. Mendelsohn was part of the experimental study done at the University of Chicago in the mid 1940s, and that study concluded that there was NO evidence that DES prevented miscarriages. Yet it was prescribed for 25 more years.

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what does that have to do with vag. exams? I don't think that anyone has advocated laying down and doing whatever a doctor recommends, but really? What does being injected with a poison have to do with letting a homebirth midwife scrap a little tiny bit of cells off of the cervical wall to look at under a microscope?

You guys are all over the board here!

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Dear Victorian,

You do not know anything about the problems DES daughters have.

First, the drug was ingested, not injected. That was the red flag the researchers should have heeded.

Second, DES daughters have to be monitored every three to six months throughout their reproductive lives (menarche to menopause and beyond) to watch for abnormal cervical cell growth through regular PAPs. They have problem pregnancies, most notably incompetent cervices.

Third, the title of this thread is women and the medical industry. The medical field MANipulates women into all kinds of chicanery to be sure they have plenty of material to work on and make money with. That is why we are all over the board, because that is where the medical industry is with women...all over the board.

There are a plethora of conditions that DES daughters AND sons have, but I guess that is another thread.
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OK, so are you saying that years and years ago, doctors fed a poison to women to ensure that 30 years later they would have to do tests on the daughters of those women so that they wouldn't go broke?

And while the title of the thread is Women and the Medical Industry, the OP is:

"After reading many posts and threads I am just astounded at the amount of women who get routine yearly exams.
Vaginal exam - if my vagina just up and disappeared, I think I would notice or my partner would.
Pap smears - more dangerous than beneficial. Now, if I had a family history of cervical cancer, then, yes, I could see it being beneficial.
Breast exams - a doctor feeling my breast is not going to know a new lump from an old lump.
Pelvic exams-okay one is enough. As long as you haven't been in an accident or had some illness that caused your pelvis to change, one is enough.
Cervical checks during pregnancy-again, invasive and more dangerous than beneficial.
STD's-can be checked through urine or bloodwork.

Why is it okay for men to know their bodies, but not women?
Men don't have yearly penis exams. If a man has a lump or growth he will most likely go in and get help.

I could go on and on. It just seems that the medical industry is more interested in making money than actually healing or curing.
Anyone else feel like human beings especially females are denied the right to trust themselves and their."

which has nothing to do with this conspiracy theory about doctors. It has to do with the OP's complete disregard for any evidence or facts about things that she personally does not agree with.

Please don't assume to know what I know. I am actually very educated. There is so much to fight with the current medical environment in the US that I don't see the need to throw away all helpful things just because they are medical. It shows a lack discernment. I think that if you want to get the root of why women have problems with childbirth a good (better?) place to start would be the fact that the idea that a woman's body is perfect is she is as thin as a rail is slammed into them from babyhood. Our bodies are never good enough, why should they be good enough to birth/breastfeed/etc. I don't think that it starts when we get a papsmear and not getting them will not solve the problem. I am all for fighting the medical system, they should be held accountable.

But thank you for the concern.

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