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My husband is adorable!!

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Remember when I was saying that I had no tools of my own to do all my little projects??? Well, he came home today with my very own screw gun and tool bucket buddy!!

Now all I have to do is search the house and steal his extra tools!!! :LOL
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How cool and how awesome you are for wanting to do your own projects- I'm totally helpless at anything like that!
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I'm jealous- I had to buy my own drill (and now my husband keeps on stealing it.) I wish someone would buy me big powerful power tools.
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Very sweet!
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That's awesome. When I first left home for university, my younger sisters proudly bought me tools (hammers, screwdrivers) for Christmas. They thought I was so grown up, so naturally I needed tools. My roomates and I used my tools to assemble our cheap bedframes, desks and other furniture.
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