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Postpartum joint pain

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My sister just had her first child on August 7. For the past 2 weeks, she's been having severe joint pain at night (she says it's even hard to move). Has anyone else experienced this?
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What kind of joint pain? Pelvic joint pain? Or just any ol' joints?
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Yes, I did. And lots of practitioners and literature will tell you it is not related to the pregnancy or postpartum period, but I think that is a bunch of hooey. I have talked to lots of friends about this and we all seemed to have some degree of it, from very mild to very severe. Personally, my knees and ankles and wrists were affected and it could be very painful. I took a lot of hot soaks (epsom salts and essential oils). It seemed like it just gradually disappeared, but it wasn't until about 5 mos pp for me that I had relief. My one friend is still struggling with it, she is 10 mos pp. She needs to use advil to get even some semblage of relief.
I noticed that when I became acutely aware of my body mechanics and was gentler on myself it got better, too. I made sure to use lots of pillows for support in bed and used a sling to carry Leo instead of using my hands and arms or my wrists would just ache soooo badly (like bone pain). I made sure my nutrition was really good and took essential fatty acids (lots of flax meal and oil, salmon, etc...). I think having a baby that was getting very huge very quickly was also a culprit - sometimes it was hard to adjust to his gaining size - getting up and down, carrying him, etc was hard some days. (and I am no weakling - very in shape!). Plus, i lost a lot of weight (55 pounds) very quickly - is your sis losing weight, too?

ok, I am rambling, just let her know she is not alone, to take it reaaaal easy - good nutrition, gentle exercise, etc...
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Thank you. As for her joint pain, it seems to be similar to dove's. I can't remember all she mentioned for sure, but definitely wrists, thumbs, ankles, knees. And it's far worse at night. She said she feels it during the day, but that at night she can hardly move. She's nursing her newborn, so she's up quite a bit at night and I hate that she's hurting so bad. She just started taking some cod liver oil, so hopefully that'll help. I'll call her tomorrow to read your advice. I really hope it doesn't stick around long for her. Thanks again.
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Sure, you're welcome - I hope she gets better fast. Took me quite a while to figure out what worked, hopefully she can incorporate some of the things I tried with relief. Oh, and yes- I meant to mention, my pain was FAR WORSE at night, that's why I have so many pillows now!!! Nursing side-lying was really hard there for a while. My dh was so sweet - he would actually scoot over and prop me with pillows and then he would use himself as a stabilizing "wall" to hold all of the pillows in place - good thing he is a sound sleeper in any position!!! lol...
hugs to you and your sister. you are really wonderful to be looking into this for her.
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My knees and wrists hurt big time but I thought the wrists were because of poor nursing posture and the knees were because of interrelated pelvic joint pain. When we started nursing lying down exclusively, the wrist pain went away. Knee pain went away as I lost weight and since I've been in physical therapy for the pelvic joint pain. The physical therapy has been awesome - my therapist specializes in women's health so I'm sure that makes a difference. I'm basically having to relearn walking, sitting, sit-ups, etc.
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I had this joint pain for almost two years and finally found out with a lot of research it was from NOT ENOUGH SLEEP!!!

I got an average of 3 hrs. a night for 18 months. I finally saw a post on a blog from an OBGYN and its hormonal...mostly caused from not enough sleep. As soon as I started getting sleep I got better! When youre not sleeping and you are awake...stay moving this will help with the stiffness. I hope I helped someone with this matter because it was a very hard thing to go through!

I had twins also and the people I talked to the mothers with twins were worse...Im not sure if they were getting less sleep or if the overproduction of the hormone relaxin was doubled.

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