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Originally Posted by lauraess
Fishygirl> ahhh, i see about the pronuciation yet.. why fishygirl??
I'm guessing because her daughter is Pisces? And maybe she is as well? Just my crqazy guess! I'd love to know as well.

Welcome Fishygirl
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Yep, that what was i was half-thinking this morning! :LOL
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Ack! I'm not getting notifications of replies. Could it be that I am obsessed with this quick reply thingy?

Laura~ Fishygirl is because Isa is a Pisces (Feb 24), and I like fish? :LOL

As for dealing with Isa's new found feelings? Well, not so much her emotions, but her feelings toward things and people. She is like an 80 yr old man, so set in herways. If she has her mind set to something, it's nearly impossible to deviate from the plan. We try and minimize meltdowns by giving plenty of advance notice before we change activities.

She hasn't hit on understanding "hey I'm angry" or "golly shucks, I'ma little sad..and this is why". It's something we we work on daily though. If she because outraged, because here there is no "feeling a little upset" we just have instant outrage, then we go through the steps of removing the frustration, calming down, talking about how we feel, better ways to express those feelings, what we can say/do next time so others understand better. Typical GD stuff
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Ok, I'm in regular mode to post...

I wanted to actually comment on your post Laura (oops).

Though we are homeschooling now, Isaac attended public school, and does so now because, well, he is a stubborn thing likes where he is at.

So, in regards to feelings about kindergarten, we went through months of agony. When we would talk about K with family and friends Isaac was all for it, talked about new clothes, books, riding the school bus, making friends, etc...

At home he was hysterical. The bus would forget him, he wouldn't know where to go to the potty. His teacher would be mean. He would trip over his shoes, pee his pants, and on and on.

All I could do was walk through our safety net procedure.

-If you get lost, find an adult (stay inside the school)
-If you wet your pants, tell your teacher (we packed an extra pair forthe first week in his pack)
-The bus will not forget you, if it does, go to the office(we did a tour of the school, so he knew where things were)
-Your teacher will show you where to use the restroom
-We had open house and met his REALLY nice teacher
-We practiced tying shoes for ever and I doubled kotted them most days

So, in short, just make a plan, something that helps Anna feel safe if she is afraid or panicky.

And ya know, Isaac walked into his classroom and said, "Ok mom, you can go now!" I could have killed him!
So, maybe all of our careful planning worked?

I think Anna will do great, afterall, you have started her off with a great foundation of gentle discipline and attachment parenting. She will feel secure in knowing you aren't to far off, that you WILL be there for her when she needs you, and you will be there for her at the end of her day waiting, with open arms!

Did I even get close to what you needed? If not, try again, Isa is pretending to be an opera singer. In fact she has been doing this since Friday!
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Thanks Dani, I dont see any real signs of her being afraid of school. she doesnt say anything about it that's worrisome. She seems fairly excited.
The 'collecting treasures' as she has put it might be waning now... we went for our usual hike on Labor Day and it was at times trying but we are dealing the best we can and helping her to collect when we can and other times we are apologetic that we havent anymore place to put things.... by the time we got home tonight she said she was fine and doing better with this "attitude"(her word) she has been having.... we will see!

again, thankyou for giving me some things to think about... I am hoping we have a fairly easy time of it starting school.
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