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Olivia is here!!!

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After a VERY short active labor she is here!

At about 8:00 Wednesday night, I started having 'different' contrax but still wasn't convinced that this was 'it'. At some point they did get uncomfortable enough for me to have to walk through them but around 11:00 the started lessening to the point that they went away and I was able to go to bed at about 11:30. At 1:30 am on thursday morning, I woke up to pee and no contrax so I figured that it was just another night of practicing and went back to bed. At about 2:00 I woke up to gushing - I wasn't even certain that it was my water as I had never expected/experienced it coming out like that before. I got up, got cleaned up and settled back in bed and figured that I would be able to sleep until morning. At about 2:30 the contrax started so I got out of bed and they started getting harder so I called the MW at the BC and in the 10 minutes of talking to her they got to the point that I needed to kind of concentrate through them. At about 2:50 the MW asked that I get everyone going so I could be at the BC for 4:30. I tried to convince her that it would be hours until the baby was born did she really want me in that soon? She said yes. I got DH up, called my mom to come over for DS and really started having to work through the contrax. DD woke up about then and stationed herslef on the couch and watched me w/ amazement. At about 3:20 I called DD's and my doulas to meet us at the BC. At about 3:30 I noticed a lot of pressure during the contrax. I told DH and we decided to call the MW - she had us call 911 and told us that we wouldn't make it to the BC - about 45 minutes away. I had already been telling DH that I didn't think I could get into the car. While I was on the phone with the MW I was telling her that I didin't want this baby to be born in a hospital so she told me to try grunting through the contrax and see how that felt. The paramedics (4 of them) and the police (2 of them) showed up around 3:40 just after my mom. I started really pushing at some point and Olivia was born at 4:02 AM. I was standing in my kitchen, holding onto a chair. An EMT caught her and my mom who is a NICU nurse was really the first to check her out. DD got to see the whole thing which was what we had planned but at the BC and even got to cut the cord! I am so happy w/ how everything went. We did go to the hospital but only stayed for about 13 hours. I don't think they knew what to do w/me. I very politely made it clear that I was happy that I had her at home.

I'm sure that I've forgotten something, I'll edit if I remember!
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Kerrie - congrats on your homebirth! :LOL Can't wait to see pics of Olivia.
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I'm not from your club, but it was the most recent post in this forum and couldn't help but offer congratulations and compliment you on your daughter's name! :LOL

an older Olivia.
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Great Job Kerrie! Glad everything went well for you. Enjoy your new baby and rest up!

Yeah! The little dry spell is over.
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Wow Kerrie! Way to go! Welcome Olivia!
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Wow, that went quickly. Congrats and welcome Olivia!
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Congrats Kerrie. Welcome to the world Olivia. What a great homebirth story! It is nice that you stayed so composed and just took it as it went. Very nice to hear!
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Wow what an epic! Glad Olivia's here and you're well! Happy thoughts, Kitty
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Thanks everyone! I'm just not sure how long to count my labor? Any thoughts? I know it doesn't really matter I'm just wondering. Is it from 8-4 or 2-4?
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Congratulations! Looking forward to pictures.
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Hey, we have such similar stories. How cool is that?

Congratulations on your home birth!! I'm so happy it all went so well and how fortunate your mom is a nurse. =)

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What a birth story! Good job, mama! Congratulations!!!

I had to go to the hospital after a homebirth too --and they are completely clueless at that point!

Take good care of yourself!!

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You could say 8-4 for your labor, but if you say 2-4, say 2 hours of active labor to be clear.
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What a great story to tell Olivia on her birthday! Way to go Mama!

Welcome to the world Olivia!
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