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Dads, would you check out this thread and help me out?

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Please? I'm trying to gather a list of 99 ways to sooth a fussy babe. I'm so close to 99, it's not funny. Since I started doing this for DH, I thought maybe you dads could think of some other original ideas. Thanks! :
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Hmmm, depends on the age.
When my DS was a little infant I'd give him my pinky to suck on to help him go to sleep. Always worked.

Now I'll walk him around the room to help him relax at bedtime, particularly if he is still wound up or excited about something planned for the next day. This always works.

Good luck.
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Dh takes our baby outside to look at flowers and grass. The inside/outside switch never fails!
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I see you have bouncing listed but I have found a special way that often works. I sit on a large exercise ball while holding dd and bounce. I usually sing at the same time and you can coordinate the song with the bouncing tempo. That combines holding, bouncing and singing and is very soothing. I often do it without mama around so dd will relax more. Hope this helps.
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The only thing that ever works for me when dw needs a break is to watch baby eistein. The baby just wants mama!
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My dh has a special way to get dd to sleep when she wakes (and isn't hungry).
He bounces the mattress next to her... very light bouncing. More of a jiggle, really. He is able to keep up a consistent motion. I can't duplicate it. She goes right back to sleep as long as I'm not nearby.
We like to use that trick if she wakes up in the middle of a movie we are trying to watch. HTH
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Play any game that invites LOTS of laughter, and add tickles too (not too much)

Take child for ride in a car or on a bicycle

carry child for a walk outside

I used to put myu children in the fron basket of my bicycle and ride them round the park, come rain or shine (or snow)!

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make faces and funny noises. also kissing feet and hands. clappping loudly works pretty well to.
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I always hold my son really close and snug to me. It usually comforts him. He likes when I hold him so that he is laying on his side while in my arms and he presses his face into my bicep to get a closer firm hold. I dont know why, but he likes it. I also talk to him in an authoritive voice when I am trying to get him to calm down or go to sleep. Just about every night I successfully put our 3 month old son to sleep around 10PM using these techniques and he sleeps until about 3-4AM only to wake up to feed.

Also...just taking Daddy time. Take time to show your kid different things...like for example...my son never cries when he is outside...on the weekend when we try to sleep in...we open the blinds to the window and let him watch the nature around us and he is completely fine.
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When DD was really small and upset DH could comfort her by taking her into the bathroom and turning on the shower and holding her close. Something about running water calmed her.
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