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Big Mistake?

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Well, all my antsy-ness may have backfired on me. Baby turned from the happy little LOA position he's been in for weeks and weeks to ROA/ROT during an intense acupuncture treatment last night. Harrumph! The treatment was bringing on contrax and he was moving around sooo much, and suddenly flip!, he whipped over to the other side! Midwife confirmed it this morning.

Maybe he knows what he's doing, I think.
Before he switched I was having this very repetititive kicking up under my right ribs with contrax and kept thinking he might be having a hard time getting into my pelvis that way??? Ugh, I don't know. Lots of hands and knees pelvic rocking and some pulsatilla for me. Kind of a drag though.

DH and I are really trying to get an attitude adjustment and it seems to be working some. I am still -1 station, 1 cm, 10-20% effaced but very soft and squishy cervix. So we are wrapping our heads around the idea we still have awhile to wait. Prodromal contrax got us all hyped up over the past several days, but they have dwindled to hardly anything today. Still, we had a great hike this morning and are trying to think of our due date being more like Sept 2, even though that is 42 weekish.

Was anybody else's baby ROA/ ROT at 40+ weeks? Comments? Advice?
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Hang in there mama! *hugs*
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Originally Posted by mtnsunshinemama
. Still, we had a great hike this morning and are trying to think of our due date being more like Sept 2, even though that is 42 weekish.

Was anybody else's baby ROA/ ROT at 40+ weeks? Comments? Advice?

Well, sept 2 would be ok...that is my birthday
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My first son was in ROA position the last 6 weeks or so of my pregnancy, and as far as I know stayed in that position. Easy 4 hour labor. This last one was in LOA and I had a more difficult 9 hour (approx) labor...go figure. I guess head down works either way.
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Thanks ladies and Thanks Jamie, that's reassuring! I am grateful he's head down!!
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Honestly I dont put much stock into any of that positional stuff.. its sooooo subjective and the baby is a live entity and capable of moving at will at any given moment.. I think head down is preferable for sure! but I think most variations of head down will work fine...I think this baby is LOT .. but again I tend to have posterior babies.. and no its not horrible or anything :LOL

in most cases I think the baby is pretty good at knowing what it has to do to actually get out.. so possibly those treatments nudged him where he needs to be? dont worry about it yet... babies flip and roll right up until and during labour!
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I agree with marsupial mama. This babe was ROA alot more than LOA and near the end I think he was ROA right up until birth. He came out beautifull and was positioned great. My first babe was posterior and was ulimtaely a c section and I was very worried about positioning. My FP assured me that I was doing everything I could ( chiro, sitting correctly, laboring a bit on hand and knees ). The rest you have to leave up to fate- babies know what to do.
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Treyden was ROA/ROT up until labour, and during labour he slowly switched positions to be born slightly ROA/OA. It was slow, but not more painful or complicated, as long as you have a competent midwife, you will be fine.
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Yep, my babe was ROA pretty much the whole time. I don't think that contributed to our long labor at all, as I think the culprit was the lip on my cervix. But he came out anterior and, once I was pushing him out, came out very easily.
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Thanks ladies, your experience is so helpful. What a great resource you wise women are! I will relax about the baby's position and in general. Thanks again!
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both my babies i carried rot, and while dd turned from posterior to anterior before she was born, my ds that just came did NOT! He was born very quickly after 10 min of pushing COMPLETELY posterior. I tell you, i would love to have a labor that is not back labor! hands and knees and pulsatilla did not turn him. i should add that he was 6.15 for weight with a tiny head. my midwife was pretty surprised to have a sunny side up baby i should also add that he was pretty wrapped in his cord - around the back of his neck, his tummy, through his legs, etc.
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I worrired about positioning. The m/w said as long as she was head down, it would be okay. My baby was OP for a spell and I worried. Well, she changed into a perfect position and then I ended up having her at home by myself so I have no idea what position she was in at the end anyway (other than head down).

As for the 1 cm...I went from 1 cm to baby in 3 hours so don't put too much stock in dilation and what it might mean.

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Just take good care of yourself and do whatever you can to stay zen about the waiting. It was REALLY hard to be late--everything caused a lot of worry. Just keep breathing, resting, eating well and use a lot of positive thoughts/affirmations.

Hang in there!!! I'm thinking of you!!!
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