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First night in our new place

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It is our first night in our new place, just the four of us. H helped me move all of our stuff & we will see him at church tomorrow, but being here tonight is hard. it's just all starting to sink in now. I hate that we ended up here in this situation. I hate not having him here at night. I have always hated being home at night alone & now I am going to have to get used to it. I can't sleep alone, so I am having ds1 sleep in my bed with me, but I don't know that i want it to become an every night thing or not. I am just bconfused, lonely, sad & a little bit scared. Did anyone else feel like this when they first were seperated from their H/P?
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I will be transitioning to that phase next,I am not looking forward to being alone.But I can't live like this any longer with a guy that won't stop cheating on me.I guess its' something that just takes time and you try and fill up your days and nights so you don't have time to think,I know I will put alot of concentration on healing myself from all this hurt and pain he has cause me and also filling my life up with my daughter and trying to make friends and moving on to the next phase in my life.Good luck and many hugs,it's a hard road.
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Hugs, mama!!! It will get better.
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Yes, I felt that way too. Initially, I had my parents stay with me for a few days, but when they left, it was just me & my son. I felt quite sad and lonely, especially at first. About a month later, we had a terrible storm and I was terrified. I called my ex. Thank goodness he helped me feel more calm.

It takes time to adjust. It does get easier.
Big hugs ~ L.J.
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Thanks everyone for your replies! I survived the first night, I hate night, it's the loneliest time. My best friend lives literally a minute away , so at least I know I can call her if I need anything. I am okay during the day, we have a big backyard & spend a lot of time out there. The house has lots of space & a playroom, but in a way I don't like how big it is b/c I get creeped out by the dark rooms at night. Once I have a radio here it will be better, cuz I won't freak myself out with all of the imagined sounds!
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1 night down, and it will only get better. **HUGS**
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