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Office Christmas Party on Solstice AGAIN!

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ok, this is my little vent thread. For the second year in a row DH company has chosen to have the office Christmas party (it doesn't say holiday party, it says Christmas) on Solstice night.
Last year they didn't even allow children, and we didn't go. This year we should go as dh is a manager. But luckily he has taken vacation during this time. SO we will use that as an excuse.

Yes, being in the minority the world doesn't revolve around my spiritual beliefs. So the choice is spend my holiday at an office party or with my family.
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I HATE that!!
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Thank you. (mad face not at you , but the situation.)
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Now that dh is in management could he instigate some changes for next year? (wink wink nudge nudge)

We're boycotting company xmas parties until children are allowed, starting when they wouldn't allow us to bring ds2 when he was a nursing infant. Feh.
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I hear you. The last place I worked, I knew my boss and coworkers would be boozing hard, and they're also mostly smokers, and I was pg and it was Ramadan, and they had the, yes, CHristmas party at a steakhouse. I obviously opted out in advance, but it gets kind of old always being the one who doesn't attend the work functions. I mean, would it be so hard to plan something a little different? And why during this time of year, when everyone is so busy anyway?:
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I totally agree. Regardless of it being on Solstice, you would think they would have the party a little earlier than the weekend before xmas.

Regarding him making some changes. Well, he isn't out of the broom closet at work. They think he's Jewish because that's what he was raised as. But I do think he could make a case for moving to an earlier date (that would convienantly be before solstice). I won't even get into the fact that they don't use an inclusive title. He's very nonconfrontational.
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That is lucky that he took vacation-that means you're not going, right? I think the aspect I enjoy the least are things that are obligations getting in the way of what I truly want to do.
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Lee, after he complained last year (and refused to go) they chose to allow kids this year. But we still aren't going. I would rather spend Solstice just the three of us than at an office party.
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I've never even looked at this from that angle, Arduinna. My dh finally has a job where he and I can attend a Christmas Party and I'm a bit excited. It's on the 21st and it's my understanding that that's the Solstice, but I don't see how attending will completley ruin plans for the evening or the next morning. Of course, if our kids can't attend,we won't be going anyway.

Hope you feel better abt this soon. Follow your heart, not public protocol.
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