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am i joining you?

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I asked for advice on the tcc board with no avail,maybe someone here can help.
anyone have more than one false positive in a row??I have have three,yes hi I am Natasha and i'm a testacholic very faint ,very very faint,but within the three mins ,positives on clear blue easy earliest tests.we weren't trying as I am having therapy for ongoing ppd,although I am feeling very good at the moment and my therapist said we could probabl y go for it at the end of the year early spring!!!
thing is my cycles are a bit messed up as I still BF ds.there were 'regular' but had gone from a 28 days,'o' get AF like clockwork to evry31-31 days,'o' around day 17.we aren't the most careful we just 'avoid' the most fertile time.the last time we did the deed was late on day 22.I had had 'o' signs as usual aroung day 17,well so I thought.then the day after we 'DTD' i had signs again just for 72 hours.could I have 'o'd twice,could I really be PG???
I will be as happy as a clam if I am,DH is a little shellshocked but a big sofy and will come round in a few days,
any advice,answers truely appreciated,
cheers mamas
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False positives are veeerrrry rare. If you got even faint lines within the time limit, I would say more than likely you are preg. Were you temping? Sometimes just going by cm can be decieving. You can't really tell when you're over your fertile phase without temping to confirm ovulation.

If I were you I would test again in the morning using FMU with a different kind of test. I have heard that Equate (Wal-mart brand- not sure if you do Walmart, just thought I'd throw that out there) test are very accurate very early.

The only thing I've ever heard of causing a true false positive barring any fertility meds is a certain type of cyst, which again is very rare. Test again and if you still get a BFP, call your doc to confirm.

peeonastick.com has some very good info on false positives and evaporation lines.

HTH some and everything works out for you.
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I agree, false positives don't happen often!!

I sort of had the same thing happen to me, cycle wise. I even had a temp shift that correlated with o pains on cd15...so I thought I'd o'd. Only to really o on cd25 and oops...here we are! :LOL So it's not that you o twice, just that your body gears up to o then doesn't for whatever reason. When you release two eggs, that happens within 24 hours of each other normally. Temping normally clears up any confusion...but again, with my chart I even HAD the thermal shift and hadn't really o'd.

If the lines came up within the time frame, I'm betting you're pg! I agree with trying equate...those gave me great lines at around 10dpo. Good luck!!!
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From what I've seen in my forum voyages, a line is a line is a line the ladies say! Mine was! Lotsa good baby your way Mama!
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