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chemical pregnancy

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Hi all. Does anyone know what this really means? My doctor says that I have been having what they call chemical pregnancies. This is evidently when the cells divide but they don't really become a baby.

Does anyone know any more about this?

She thinks my problem could be thyroid related.

I had one pregnancy with a heartbeat before I lost it and my husband has 2 grown kids and we are always a hole in one with conceptions. I am trying to figure out what is going on... Does anyone have any thoughts?

hugs to all the wounded hearts out there.

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That is exactly what I was told chemical pregnancy means. Although I've never heard of a reason why it may happen. I have heard of thyroid effecting getting pregnant but never if causing chemical pregnancy or m/c. But I am not an expert.

Abigail, again I am so sorry for your loss and I hope you find the answers you need.
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sorry to hear that! what i know: some docs call chemical pregnancy any very early miscarriage. thyroid is involved in conception issues...dunno about miscarriage. I always heard the undifferentiated cell pregnancy caaled a molar pregnancy. - but maybe that's later...

I found hhtp://www.inciid.org very helpful for high-tech and medical fertility issues, although some there are also interested in alternative treatment.
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The thing is I am not having an infertility problem per se. I mean that I have conceived 3 times and my husband has 2 grown children, so my doctor doesn't think that there is a genetic issue. We are a hole in one with conception. It is just hard to make the pregnancy stick.

I don't know if is worth ripping my hair out over this issue. My doctor says I shoud just try again.

I saw 2 books on amazon:
Fern Reiss: The Infertility diet, Get pregnant and prevent miscarriage

Ann Douglas: Trying again: A guide to Pregnancy after Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Infant loss

Does anyone know anything about these? I am feeling positive and determined today.

All the best to all of you,
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I have no knowledge on this, but I'm thinking of you! Glad to know you are determined...no one can get in the way of a determined sister!!!
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the ann douglas book is excellent. And by infertility, that includes maintaining a conceived pregnancy, not just not conceiving. There are a lot of evaluations that can done on women with multiple miscarriage.
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Dear Clarity,
Like what? I have been getting such mixed messages about this. On the one hand I keep being told that m/c are soo common and just keep trying and on the other hand some people seem to think that it is a serious issue and that I need serious medical help.

I am going to go back and read as much as I can on this forum. I have not been keeping up for a few months and will look for the book as well.
thank you

Thanks mamasoleil. How are you doing?
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thyroid, immune system, clotting issues, progesterone levels, genetic (you, possibly, or you+him) His prior children do not mean everything's 100% certain. I am involved in a study that is prepared to publish in the next few years that up to 50% of women with multiple losses in pregnancy involved a certain kind of genetic issue called x inactivation...normally 50% of your cells look at one of your x chromosomes for information, and 50% the other. In some women, the body only looks at 1. 94% of my blood cells look at one of my x's. That x has a defect. 35% of my pregnancies (50% of male and about 10% of female, we think) will have a fatal genetic condition in pregnancy. This study is about later losses, but I anticipate they'll come to believe there's more genetic stuff at work in misacarriage than they believe. This may have no application to you. For that though, just trying again is probably the best thing. But there are a lot of other things...progesterone too low? They give supplements during early pregnancy. Clotting issues? a baby aspirin. For more than 2 miscarriages in a row, I would get an evaluation. I also advocate acupuncture regardless of what else you do. I would resaerch what western medicine has to say, research natural methods, and decide what you think is best. Getting it evaluated does not mean you have to pursue a certain course of treatment. I always like a multi-pronged approach. Esp if you have been TTC more than 6 months, and depending on both your ages, but that's me.

really, inciid is a much better place to get started than me...
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thanks so much. I was just reading iniic when your message came through. I have been doing accupuncture twice a week since Sept. She was shocked at the miscarriage and gave me a flyer talking about chinese herbs that she uses to help maintain a healthy pregnancy. I have taken her herbs for stress and pms and found them very helpful. I will look into this.

thanks again.
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So did they test your thyroid???
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They haven't tested anything yet. Although I am supposed to go to the lab tomorrow to make sure that I have completed the miscarriage. I am having some scheduling problems tomorrow. I am not sure how this will work. I was at 69 Friday and 35 by Monday.

They wanted to wait until I was 6 weeks post partum for any additional testing. I have to admit that what I read on that site, just plain scared me. I am not feeling too hopeful now. I suppose I will have to keep spoiling my dog.

Thanks for listening,
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Just because something happens in some cases, or rarely, does not mean that's you. Lot's of women with multiple miscarriages conceive just fine with minimal intervention. Positive thinking. There is no reason you won't be successful! Just sometimes, some don't work out, and we're sad, and then we go on. I don't mean to yell at you, I know it's easy to get sucked into a big hole right after a loss. Maybe I shouldn't have suggested research this soon after your loss. Maybe stop reading for a few weeks until you feel better.

You will get there!
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Lot's of women with multiple miscarriages conceive just fine with minimal intervention. Positive thinking. There is no reason you won't be successful
My friend got pg when she was 16, and miscarried...
Then this summer, she got pg again 27 this time, and she was really excited, and she miscarried again...she started questionning whether she would even be able to carry full term...and she was quite sad...
She's now in Guatamala...and I just received an email from her, she is now 4 mts pg, due in April, and she's super happy!!!
NO medical intervention...she's not had a pg passed 6 wks...

Just wanted to share that with you!!!


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Clarity: I didn't feel yelled at. I am a big reader/researcher by nature. I t was a bit overwhelming. I feel really different this time. I just somehow feel kind of resolved that it has happened and if g-d wants me to have a child then I will. I don't even feel much like charting right now.

Thank you. I didn't mean to sound ungrateful.

Last night my husband and I went out to dinner and the table next to us had a week old baby girl. I was pretty good for the first part of the dinner, but got a bit weepy towards the end. This time I haven't given myself too much time to cry. There is no one here listening. Just this forum. Without it I am not sure where I would be. The poor mom at the table looked overwhelmed with exhaustion and was really cranky. The whole restaurant was watching them with warm sympathetic eyes. She had another little girl too.

I wonder if I will ever be able to witness a scene like this without choking up.

Thanks mamasoleil...

If I don't make my lab apointment tomorrow is that bad? I mean, the baby is gone. What exactly are we checking for? I will see if they have extended hours but next week I am working a lot and I don' t know... I think this time I am taking the denial approach. I just refuse to believe that anything is wrong with me and will continue to believe that one day we will have a baby of our own.

take care all.
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It only didn't sound like yelling becuase I edited out the first line that said "you stop that right now young lady!!" Wait until you're ready. I don't think it would make any difference. I would read or watch some really sad stuff until you start to cry. And cry a lot. For me I spent so much time trying not to cry...but you really do feel better after. When I had all that stuff welling up waiting to get out, seeing babies and things could really set me off.

And I did NOT think you seemed ungrateful. Just overwhelmed.
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thanks. I think that I will designate some cry time pretty soon. I am feeling a bit stronger this morning.

hugs to you
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