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did you make your twins names go together?

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I named my girls Emma-Jane and Eliza`Beth both e's and both double names. I wish I hadn't done it now. When I had my son three years later I didn't want him left out of the e thing and named him Edan, then I was stuck with the kids that followed. Esik was 18 months after Edan then Ellanor followed him.

Anyone else do a theme for their twins names? What do you think about it now? I fear my children get listed in the phone book. It will be four E ____-_____. LOL
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Joy Eliza & Faith Evelyn

Picking the right names was a huge dilemma for us for a while! I'm still happy with what I chose because in some ways they are similar (both one syllable first names with a "double meaning" and both 3 syllable middle names from the family and starting with "E".) I like that they are compatable, but also very different... just like the girls' personalities! However I am tiring of people always thinking that one of them is "Hope".
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We had boy girl twins and used the first names we already had picked out, Aidan for a boy and Branwyn for a girl.
We did however choose their middle names to show their twinship.
Aidan Luke and Branwyn Leia.
I am still very happy with our choice.
Their first names still go well with our other kids names. Tristan and Meghann.
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Yes we did the theme thing too. Both girls names start with F and end with A. For us it just happened that way the two names were some of the few we could agree on. Our #1 name was voted against by my mom, step-mom, and DH's mom so we decited not to go there.
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All 5 of our children's first names start with M and middle names start with J. We kept that for the twins.
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Nope, we just chose 2 names that we liked. All of my girls have 1 syllable middle names, but that is all that is similar. Well, I guess they all have old names.
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Their names do start with the same letter, but we weren't specifically going for that. Before we found out we were having twins we had decided on Ashlyn Marie for a girl. When we found out we were having 2 girls we originally thought we'd just use our 2nd choice girls name which was Camden Lynn but somehow the more I said Ashlyn & Camden together the more I found them to be a tongue twister, so we went back to the drawing board for a 2nd name. We finally decided on Alexandria Lynn because it was the only name we could agree on LOL. But we call her Lexie so in current day to day life they don't appear to "match".

At this point we don't have plans to have anymore kids, but if we did I wouldn't feel it was necessary to continue the A theme, especially since we don't call Lexie by her A name.
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I have boy/girl twins, so I just used the names that I had picked out for a single girl or boy baby...Malaika & Isaiah. So...nope, they don't match at all! :LOL
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No. We just picked names we liked & their middle names are family names (from each side, so they're different).
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My mom wanted names that went well together so she chose to names with the same endings....so we ended up with twin girls named Terrace and Candace. Similar sounding but not too rhyming.
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Nope - no matching although middle names of all our children are family names. The names all have the same feel to them, traditional, a bit Irish sounding.

We did the divide and conquer approach for the names. DH picked one and I picked the other.

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We didn't pick names that "matched" or rhymed, but we did pick names that sounded strong and traditional (at least we think so!). Katharine was the name we had picked when pregnant with our DS, and we knew we wanted to use that. For a while, we were going to use Elizabeth for the other name, but at the end switched to Olivia (which fits her perfectly). We used middle names for family names.

One of our friends, though, still calls the girls Cilantro and Coriander (the same, but somehow different!). And our son calls them Bo and Shep
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I wanted them NOT to go too much together. But at the same time use names that I (uhh...WE :LOL ) love. All my kids names are family names that I loved first and secondly had the nice association with our family. My first born was a boy (Dominic) but if he was a girl he probably would of been Caterina. So Caterina was in top list when preg again. But when found out it was 2 girls we couldn't just pick top 2 name - since I happen to love names ending in ena/ina. So the next names in the list were Josephina, and Angelena, and a few others. Too much ryhming for me. In the end we ditched Caterina for this round of babes and went with Angelena and Josephine. The 'ine' instead of 'ina' on the end of Josephine made it a bit better. What I love is that their nicknames don't sound the same - Josie and Lena.

I do still love Caterina for the next girl though! I wish it didn't sound so similar!!

Oh btw middle names are Josephine Louise and Angelena Simone.
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Eden Alexandra and Avery Hannah. We just chose names we liked.
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Yes they "go" together but not in a matchy-matchy (rhyming etc.) way at all. They are family names, do not rhyme, do not start with the same letter, do not share phonemes or like sounds, don't even have the same number of syllables, but yes, they go together.

fwiw, all of the other posters who also picked names that "don't" go together all seemed to pick names that imo DO go together just not in an obvious way. They all represent the same cultural context.

I think it'd be cool to meet someone who has a Moon Unit and an Emily.
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My mom didnt even have twins but she had 4 daughters and we all have "ine" ending names. And middle names starting with the letter "D" AND to top it off, the oldest girl has a middle name with one syllable, the second has two syllables. And lucky me, I have a four syllable D starting middle name to match.
I have always loved the way my mom did this and have loved my name.
I used to want to have matching names for all my kids. Before meeting Dh I was planning on going with all "M" names. But we ended up with different names of similar origin ending with the "N" sound.
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I found naming multiples to be hard too! We had an older son already. I purposefully picked names for the babies that did not rhyme or all start with the same letter or anything -- yet I wanted the names to all sound "good together"??? Why that matters - I'm not sure! Its also so subjective - but the names sounded good together to me, so I guess that's what matters!

I think your "e" names are beautiful - and unique. Don't regret it.
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[QUOTE=Periwinkle](we're kind of boring people lol).

Hey Periwinkle --

With three under 3 -- there is NO WAY your family is boring!

This from a four kidz 3 years and under mom! Would love to hear from anyone else out there with a super-sized, super young family!
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I now have three three and under. But for about 8 months I had 3 under 2!!! Thank heavens those days are over! LOL
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Originally Posted by TripMom
Hey Periwinkle -- With three under 3 -- there is NO WAY your family is boring! This from a four kidz 3 years and under mom!
Originally Posted by johub
I now have three three and under. But for about 8 months I had 3 under 2!!!
Wow! And I thought my "3 under 3" (for 3 months...now it's 3 age 3 and under as per siggie ) was impressive, lol!!

Thank heavens those days are over! LOL
Amen to that. Seriously interesting couple of months we had there for a while! I love my kids to bits but lord have mercy...
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