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We just chose names we liked: Ava Rose and Genevieve Renee. Of course, the first thing my mom said was, "We can call them Ava & Evie!" Of course, it stuck.
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I wanted my girls' names to flow but not to sound too "twinsy". My oldest dd is Haven so I also wanted names that went well with her name. My girls are Lillie and Faith. All three of my children have family middle names.
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We wanted to choose names that sounded good together, but that weren't exactly "twinny." It actually was pretty much a coincidence that the names do sort-of sound good together because we named Jasper a month before we named Lukas (while they were still in utero), and both names were suggested by friends and both times we thought, "oh, yeah!" right away. I like how Lukas and Jasper both have the "as" but in different parts of the name. We won't continue that tradition for our next baby, but his/her name (we're already pretty sure what it will be even though we haven't conceived yet, lol) does sound good together with Luke and Jaz's names.

Other twins in our life:

Zane and Jaiden
Zoe and Jessie
Elijah and Aryeh
Lila and Josie
Lena and Addie
Henry and Eleanor
Michael and Gracie
Grace and Emma
Wren and Plum
Hollin and Tristan
Calla and Larkin
Linea and Tor
Maya and Sam

They all do seem to "go together" in one way or another. . .

Fun thread!

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This from a four kidz 3 years and under mom! Would love to hear from anyone else out there with a super-sized, super young family![/QUOTE]

Hi there - For about a week I had 3 under 1 1/2 yrs! My ds turned 18 mos when my twin dds turned 1 week 1 day old!! Now that they are older I have '3 under 3'. And one day hope for a 4th (or 4th and 5th :LOL )!
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Nope, we didnt do a theme of sorts. But, wanted biblical names for both boys...so we decided on Gabriel & Nathaniel. What's funny is both their middle names start with the letter "A" which was totally not on purpose, we just happen to like the middle names we chose, so now the boys full names are...Gabriel Anthony & Nathaniel Adam.
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All the boys in my ex's family have had the same initals (JMD) for the last 200 or so years so we ended up with Jared Micheal, Jordan Mathew, & John Maximus.
Originally Posted by Periwinkle
I think it'd be cool to meet someone who has a Moon Unit and an Emily.
On this subject I went to high school with Native American twins named Gahaineina & Becky. Their dad wanted a traditional NA name and mom wanted a western name so they each named one.
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nope - wanted to make them sound completely different for the ease of yelling out into the forest

Here is their names page

What we didnt realize is that we unintentionally gave them bizarre initials....OKMK and QTMK
okay, mmkay and cutie, mmkay.

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sorry - wrong thread
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Both our b/g twins have "L" as a first name (Lloyd & Lydia), but it was not our intention to have identical lettered names. Lloyd was named after a favorite relative and Lydia was just a name that DH liked and I really had no say in the matter, but it fits her like a glove.

One thing that did turn out to somewhat intentional was that both of their names have the initals L.E.G. So we have two LEGs in the family and DH was an avid marathon runner!
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My twins have similar middle names: Justice and Jackson. Both are names of ancestors.
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Caitlin Breanna & Lauren Marie

I'm really glad I went with first names that don't start with the same letter. It was easy to mark things "c" or "l"

ahh..... so long ago......

they are 12 now!
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Originally Posted by sweetpeas
our 2nd choice girls name which was Camden Lynn but somehow the more I said Ashlyn & Camden together the more I found them to be a tongue twister
Random aside-- I the name Camden but it's the name of a really awful city here in NJ (I think it was actually voted the worst in the US at one point) so I can never use it
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