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umbilical cord question (x-post)

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(also posted in Life with Babe)

DD is 2 1/2 wks old and her cord stump is still attached. In fact, it looks pretty white at the base of it. With my other babies, I always applied alcohol to it (totally uninformed action--I just didn't think to research it), but this time, my mw and several friends said not to, that it would fall off on it's own. I know that it must, since lots of lotus birth moms don't do a thing, but when can I expect it to go? And is it ever justified to apply alcohol, especially since her cord stump seems rather buried and, like I said, the base is still white?

I'd love to hear your thoughts. Do I *do* anything or wait it out? Is there a point at which it's been attached for *too* long?
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The only thing I usually use is some breastmilk on it.. some cords fall of quicker than others as long as its not oozing or looking infected .. I would just leave it be .
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I used "cord care" herbs on Annabelle's and it fell of in 4 days. I got them with my birth kit through Cascade. I think don't worry unless it starts to smell. Make sure it stays really dry.
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I agree to apply breastmilk and just let it be unless there are signs of infection
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I think that as long as there are no signs of infection or ooziness from the stump, you are just fine. My older son's cord took almost 2 wks to fall off and that was with, "cord care" with diaper changes (alcohol). They wanted me to do it again this time (in fact the person who called from the ped's office got all PO'd when I told her I wasn't doing it, b/c it was no longer recommended, she tried to argue with me, and I just blew her off), but I ignored their advice and left the cord alone and jonah's just fell off yesterday (a wk and 2 days). I think it's different with every baby, but honestly, I still think that you are better off w/o the alcohol if that makes you feel any better.
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Funny this should be on the board today... I too had questions about it... this is the only child that I brought home with me from the hospital and the only one whose cord funny blue thing was still attached. I had no idea how to deal with this. I had been doing the alcohol, but hadn't headr that they don't recommend this... but then again, I also had nto done any research regarding this...

So, you put breast milk on it? Or nothing? Do y'all have that funny blue thing on the end?
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dd kept hers for 3 weeks exactly. I think its because her cord was cut immediately so it was still pretty juicy.
We delayed cutting ds' cord and his fell off in 6 days.

I treated both of theirs the same so I think the delayed cord cutting affected it the most. Of course its too late for you to change that now. Just want you to know that 2.5 weeks can be normal. As long as its not getting infected you are fine to wait.
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