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frequency of ultrasounds during twin pregnancy?

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How often did you get ultrasounds when you were pregnant with twins?

I had my last one 2 weeks ago, and i think he wrote that i should schedule another in 4 weeks to monitor fetal growth and development. Until this last u/s i was fine with them, but I felt REALLY sick during this last one. Lying on my back was extremely uncomfortable, and i got woozy and faint and broke into a sweat...he had to stop several times. I'd rather avoid that experience. The twins are di-chorionic and di-amnionic, which (from what i understand) means the risk of unequal growth are much lower. So far, they are growing very much in sync with each other, and i'm doing fine as well.

Given all of this, do i need an u/s every 4 weeks? Even if i can stretch it to 6, i'd feel much better....I'm not looking forward to lying on that table again.

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I have 1 at 13 weeks and then not again until 20 weeks, then every 4 weeks after that. If laying flat is too uncomfy, tell them that you want a pillow under one side, it makes it a little harder to do the sono, but much better for you.
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I had one at 20 weeks & that was it. Unless they're following some particular problem I don't know why you'd need one so often.
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I had them every 4 weeks after I reached 20 weeks, also.
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sometimes 1 u/s is 1 too many!

by my 3rd trimester they had me in there about every other week, and once a week toward the end! If I would have known that was going to happen, I never would have agreed to the 1st one. I would have rathered a surprise delivery of twins than to be at the hospital so often... and only because my OB was obsessed with liability issues. The u/s test has such a huge margin of error that liability was the only excuse I could come up with for such an overabundance of tests.

FYI: Don't take any disturbing results to heart... your mama's instinct is far more accurate than any test. Those Dr.s had me spending most of my pregnancy nervous and upset because they were so sure of TTTS. They robbed me of a home birth because of it, and my girls were born only 1.5 oz. apart, perfectly healthy!

I know this post became a rant! On the positive side: thanks to my amazing midwife, they were born naturally and vaginally with no medical interventions! Much to the amazement of the hospital staff... it was the 1st vaginal twin birth at that hospital in over 5 years! All hail the mighty midwife!!!
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WE found out about twins at a 19 week U/S, then had them every 3 weeks after that until 32 weeks, then every other week toward the end until they were born at 37 -- and this is in Canada, where others complain about difficulty getting tests done! But the babes were in one placenta (one chorian, two amnion) so there was worry about TTTS.

They didn't seem to like the U/S or the NSTs -- always kicked and moved away. But because of the real risk of TTTS, we set aside our usual low-intervention medical tendencies to keep track of the girls. To the OP, in you case, I might try to argue for less frequent U/S if you are feeling well.
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I had one every four weeks after 20 weeks, then weekly in the last six weeks (to confirm positions and some cord issues). They made me really sick at the end, but the technicians would do everything possible to do it fast and make me comfortable if I explained up front that lying down truly made me sick. Also, you don't have to drink that insane amount of water; ask one of the techs for the "low-down" on what you minimally need to drink (the docs always tell you much more than necessary apparently.)
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I had 2 early on (because I was being followed for recurrent losses), then none until 20 weeks. Since then I've done them about every 3 weeks. The last couple have seemed kind of pointless as the babes have both been head down for a while and their growth has been reasonably close. They are also di/di. I am 37 weeks and have no more scheduled.

In retrospect I think I would have had fewer. My MW (I've also been seeing an OB for parallel care and he is the one ordering the u/s) just attended a twin birth yesterday of an Amish mom. She had no u/s, and had 2 healthy girls born at just the same weight!
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I was privileged to get diagnosed late with twins.
I had my first US at 32 weeks, one at 36 weeks.
A quickie at an office visit to make sure they were still both head down.
Again before being induced and after delivering baby A.
Still way too many for me.
The one at 36 weeks was just agonizing.
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I could of had U/S every 2 weeks because, I was considered a high risk preg., I opted out of many and just had 4 during the 40 weeks. I just didn't want to go to the doctor that often and I felt everything was fine. Everything was fine at 40 weeks I delivered 8 pound twins vaginally.

Ps. the twins will move and different positions like laying on your back may get better over time. I couldn't sit upright for 3 weeks and wasen't able to drive, then baby A's head moved down instead of being lodged in my rib cage.
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oh, this is all so helpful!!

I can totally understand why it would have been great to find out about the twins much later than we did.....but at the same time i'm glad i know, because it's making me less scared and freaked out about how tired and worn out my body is all the time! At least i know what it's busy working on when i need to rest constantly.

Aside from the pain of the ultrasound, i find traveling to the doctor, thinking about money issues, arranging transportation, etc. all too stressful....if i'm going to travel around i'd rather go somewhere more relaxing!

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My girls were HIGHRISK, one chorion one amnion. So I had ultrasounds about 4 times a week from 26 weeks to delivery and weekly form 24 - 26 weeks, before that at 20 weeks, 18 weeks, 17 weeks, 16 weeks and 12 weeks. I was sick sick sick and the ultrasounds were really in depth and detailed and could take well over an hour. It sucked. Every 4 weeks is not so bad, it's not for that long anyway. I liked seeing my babies. good luck.
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I had one at 23 weeks only because my midwife heard 2 heartbeats and wanted to rule out polyhydramnios. I am not a fan of ultras so I was hesitant but wanted to make sure I didn't have poly either as that could have risked me out for a homebirth where I was. I was so elated to see I was having twins. My husband and 2 preschoolers were in the room with me and we all were so excited about the news.

The technician did a very long ultra and told me how I'd need to come back regularly..blah, blah, blah and I never went back.

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I had an early ultrasound at 9-weeks which was when we also discovered there were two. Then I had one at 20'ish weeks and then once every 4 weeks until delivery at 38 1/2 weeks. I also had one in the delivery room while they turned Baby B head down. In all I had 7 ultrasounds which now I think was overkill for di/di twins. But at the time I was okay about it and was comfortable during them.
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We had one US at 21 weeks to determine that we were, in fact, having twins...although I'm laughing now, because I don't think we ever actually used a doppler to see about hearing two heartbeats! In retrospect, I did appreciate the information that they were fraternal, two placentas, two sacs, and boy and girl. I totally enjoyed not finding out the sex of my second baby (I found out with my first) but with the twins, I really felt like I needed to be prepared if we were, in fact, having two more boys...

Kind of sounds petty. But I felt I wanted to be prepared for that!
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If your pregnancy is low risk and everything is fine you can decline to get the ultrasounds. I know someone whose doctor would insist that she schedule them so she would schedule them and then call and cancel them. She gave birth to 2 very healthy twin boys at 38 weeks.
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My doctors want me to go in every 3-4 weeks, just to make sure one baby isnt growing more than the other. I felt really sick at my last ultrasound, and they let me lay on my left side while they continued with the ultrasound. It really helped a lot.
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I had u/s at 12 weeks and then every 8 weeks after that...although I ended up with more...everytime I went to the Dr they did a quick scan of the boys to make sure they were still doing well.
So I had lots and lots of u/s's with the boys
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I had 3 U/S after the initial one on the cardiac care unit (another story). *I* decided to have the three in a series to track the growth on three points instread of two. I refrained from the ones my doc wanted me to have explaining I felt fine with the results thus far. They had resaons for wanting more, and i disagreed.

Your twins are diamniotic and di-chorionic. That means they will not have TTTS as thier placentas have formed seperately. Further U/S to track their growth is doing what my OB said...looking for a problem.

I had the choice, I made it, I didn't let the OB bully me into someithing i didn't want to do. The important thing is that i knew WHY I wanted what I wanted. If you know the WHY then you can feel good about any choice you are making.

Patti B.
Mom to 5, 6 if you include my dh.
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My midwife recommended 3 for twin pregnancies.
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