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So who's left now?

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I've lost track of alot of people. Who is still waiting for babies?
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Me too. : Come out baby!
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rooting for you, mamas!
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Me Three....trying to figure out how to post a belly shot as we took one yesterday (due date - like that matters). Who knew my belly was so big?!
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Me four. Do do do, ho hum.

Wondering if my fellow Tracy- Traci /Streetkitty is still around??
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hi all,

i'm thinking of you all in your final weeks of pregnancy. i was impatient, too, so i can understand what it's like to see everyone else having their babes.

enjoy your last days with your partners and current children and take good care of yourselves.

lots of love,
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i'm still waiting...he really can't stay in there that much longer, i hope!
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labor vibes to you all! I'm rooting for ya!!
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Hang in there mamas! We'll be welcoming you into the club soon!
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