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Rainbowmoons address- flowers?

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Does anyone have Rainbowmoon's address- from the baby shower swap maybe?? Maybe we could send something , like flowers, from the August Mom group here? She was an active member and many of us feel close to her and her family. My heart is breaking for her.
What do you all think?
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I was just thinking the same thing. Maybe we could all give money to someones paypal account and send her as much stuff as we could. We could do flowers, massage, gift cards, whatever...
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I think this is a lovely idea.
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Sounds like a great idea! I still have her address from the birth bead swap - she's in the southwest, I can pm it to whoever ends up being the "lead" on this. I would volunteer, but haven't had the baby yet and don't want to drop the ball in the middle of getting this together.

Does anyone know of a local pp doula who could come out, watch the little ones, maybe do some cleaning?
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Great idea! I can't even imagine what she must be going through, poor dear. I like the doula idea or whatever would be truly helpful to her?
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i agree and would like to help. i have her addy from the virtual shower. i just can't even imgine.

a doula is a gret idea.
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What's the town? Maybe we can post on the AZ tribe boards for a pp doula recommendation.
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pming you...
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I don't have a paypal acct, but I'd like to help however (with money or a gc or something). How should I go about this?
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Hi There-
My name is Amyjean. I manage the UC support thread and we would like to help out if we can also. Could you PM me with rainbowmoon's address? I would appreciate it.
Thanks so very much
all my best
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If you guys decided to go together on something, let me know so I can join in.
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I want to contribute as well!

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I would like to contribute also!
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Me too.
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I will also contribute. Please let us know what we can do to help her in any way.
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If we can't find a PP Doula, my other suggestions is to get a gift certificate to a local house cleaning service. Then she can call and schedule them whenever she wants. Maybe we could get enough for like 3 cleaning trips or something like that.
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I've pm'ed her to ask if she might let us know what would be most useful to her. I'll post here as soon as I hear from her!
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Keep me updated too, I will be happy to contribute. I can't even imagine what she is going through, just thinking about it brings me to tears!
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The idea of a pp doula and/or cleaning service is great. It looks like there alot of people who want to contribute, so we should be able to help her out for a long time.
I wish there is even more we could do. This is truly heartbreaking.
- Kerri
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Just so we'd have the info on hand (not to make any decisiosn), I went ahead and posted on the AZ boards for a pp doula recommendation--no replies yet.

Also, I PMed with amyjeans from the UC boards, and they're thinking about gift certs etc.

mtn, let us know what april says!
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