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Hi all,

Oh my god. My heart is broken for her.

I volunteer to collect the money and then someone who finds out about the doula can tell me where to send it. I was going to volunteer to collect it in our paypal account, but you know that paypal takes a cut and it adds up. I could accept checks at a po box??

Where in AZ does she live? I have friends in Tucson. If she's from around there, I could get a rec for a massage therapist...

What do you think? I really want to help. Will definitely send money if I'm not the organizer of it.
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Where does she live in AZ? I know a couple of people out there too who are in the business.
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I am not preg. or in your due date but my mama and I (oldermamato5) would like to contribute.We were thinking of sending a care package.........maybe a journal a book some chocolate a toy or 2 for the little ones.....do you think we should do that seperate from what you all doing or what? I mean not seperate but in addition..............
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She's down near the border, near Nogales. (thank you, google maps!)
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Oops! See below.
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Info for Rainbowmoon!

Ok, I now have April's (rainbowmoon's) paypal address, regular address and phone. She said that any kind of help will be much appreciated, and that she still doesn't have any information about her husband's death, feeling very lost. Poor dear.

I'm sure hoping to have this baby any day now, so if henhao or anyone else wants to organize something, that'd be great and I'm happy to pass on the info via pm to anyone who wants to help.
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I am in Tucson, and don't know RM, but a friend is very close to their family. It has been suggetsed that since there is family out right now, and help, to perhaps wait a few weeks or so. When family start having to go home, and life settles down more.

May I suggest continue to coordinate, and collect all donations and ideas, and maybe give them in a few weeks? I think meals, housecleaning, mother's helpers etc..are great ideas!

You are all such wonderful, amazing, and giving mamas!
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I have been talking to some mamas from the UC board and forwarding them to here. I guess this should be the official place to congregate to help her. I had some ideas that we could do, too.
Gift certificates to local stores, Target, Kmart, Walmart, or certificates to Schwans dinner delivery- so she doesn't have to cook. One less thing to deal with ya know?
She can order food online.
I like the doula or a housekeeper,too.
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So are we still doing this? I really want to, but I can't be in charge of it. I can barely be in charge of making dinner right now! :LOL ;
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