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Weekly Thread August 29th- Sept 4th

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Hi fellow mamas,
I know our numbers are dwindling rapidly but I'm not ready to give up on our wekly thread yet. So anybody out there, with babies or not, check in and let us know how things are going.

Still here at around 41 weeks. I'm about to go for a nice walk with DH before the midwiives come over this morning at 10. Will have some new info then. I know they'll offer a membrane sweep but I'm not too sure about that, may try another acupx treatment first. The contractions I was having erratically last week have dwindled to almost nothing, maybe a few a day the last few days. The BH are fairly constant though.
Staying busy and not tooo terribly impatient. Got a lot done yesterday on the baby's quilt and then we went for a great swim in the river last eve. We decided to smudge down the baby's (play/changing) room and then the whole house to bless the space for our sprout. A long bath by candlelight and music was absoulutely divine and I felt very peaceful about continuing to create a welcome space for the babe, whenever he decides to come.
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Congrats on making 41 weeks! Obviously I'm still here. Yesterday was the "due date" and if I got 1 call, I got a dozen asking if the baby was here. I had told dh not to tell people the date, but obviously he didn't listen. Then I had told him I didn't feel like talking to anyone, and yet again - didn't listen. Finally I started telling people that yep, the baby came last Thursday, but we obviously didn't think highly enough of them to let them know that. There would be stunned silence on the phone and I'd go on, "Do you really think that calling and asking if the baby is here yet is cute? Funny? Productive in any way, shape or form? Trust me, when the baby comes, we'll let you know and if you want to "check up on me" from now until mid-September, here's dh's cell phone number. And actually, that's a better way to reach us anyway as you know how crazy it gets once the baby comes." HAH! So now dh can answer all those stupid phone calls. I know I sound like a real bitch, but honestly, does my Mom or Mil think that we wouldn't call them? (Especially since mil is our ds's caretaker backup) Dh's sister thought that maybe our phone was out, that's why we hadn't called - so you call the phone that you think is out to see if it's out? Dh's grandma asked the waitress at the local resturant if she'd heard anything so when we went out to breakfast yesterday morning we got to be grilled by our waitress, 2 other waitresses and the owner! And we don't even go to this place very often so it's not like we really know these people!

I'm thinking of changing the answering maching message to "A watched pot never boils - if you are calling about something other than the impending birth of our 2nd child, please leave a message and we'll get back to you."

Other than crabby, I'm feeling stressed. Dh found out that after September, he's out of a job. Perfect timing. Turns out our front stoop is sinking because there's a HUGE crack in the foundation. And to fix it we'll have to tear out the finished wall in the basement. Did I mention that all of our crap is in the basement? And stands to rot/get moldy etc. from all the moisture? And we got a letter from the village that we have to cut our lawn w/in the next 3 days or we'll be fined $100 - and the lawn is long, but apparently anything over 6 inches is "too long." And the lawn mower is broken. And I can't find the number for the local kids who cut grass...and...and...and. Luckily, we're scheduled for refinancing later this week so that'll help (and thankfully they've already verified employment and all that jazz, so the job thing isn't an issue. I've told Wee Bitty that anytime after we sign the paperwork, she/he can come.

Ugh. Man - it seems like all my posts lately have been real downers, sorry ladies.

Mtsunshinemama, I looked at your belly photos - they're beautiful. I saw JamieP's as well and I'm currently trying to get mine off the camera and up somewhere so you can view them...I had no idea my belly was that big! I mean, yah, I only fit into 1 skirt and 2 shorts and it's getting harder and harder to find a shirt that will cover my belly, but it still didn't seem THAT big! Ahhh, the power of self denial!
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Funny time for me to introduce myself here, but hey -better late than never, I suppose!

My EDD was last Thursday, the 25th. August 25th is also my DS's birthday -he turned 2YO. Although I am anxious to meet this little one coming, I am relieved not to have my children share a birthday exactly.

I have lots of BH, loss of some mucus plug...nothing else significant.

My midwife wants to do a NST, AFI and exam today -I refused all internals up until this point. (With my son, I was 3cm and 90% effaced for 3 weeks before he was born!) I think I may 'okay' it today -just for pure curiosity sake...who knows.

I love changing the answering machine idea! LOL
I may just have to do that - because I am so sick of people calling/asking/probing about WHEN the baby will be born. (AS IF I know for sure!)


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Angus, your post cracked us up! We can totally relate!
I realize I'm probably talking to myself on this thread but what the hey, maybe it's therapeutic just to type it out?
So, I had a biophysical profile on Tuesday and everything looked perfect 8/8 score and very happy baby, nobody feels any need to hurry things along and I'm trying to accept that happily and gracefully. Arggh! Maybe he'll be here by Halloween????
Anyway, DH and I drove to the coast yesterday in our distraction efforts and had a really great day. The very best part was digging a hole in the warm sand for my belly and then taking a nap face down on the beach! Oh, talk about heaven! Pure bliss! Anybody ever try this? I think our midwives should recommend it, it was so delightful!!
Anyhow, hanging in there, barely! Every morning, it's here we go again...always hoping that the night will have woken me up with broken water, regular contractions or the like...
Maybe get my membranes swept today?? Otherwise keeping up with the sex, EPO, walking, nipple stim...
Can't wait till I can post some more exciting news!
Oh, will you take a look at this thread and give me some input??
Thanks gals!
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I looked at your thread and duly responded. Oh - I'm jealous, not only am I stealing the imagery that I associate w/your ocean pictures, but now I'm going to daydream about laying stomach down in the welcoming sand as the sun shines along my body, warming and relaxing my muscles, the wind caresses me, lightly scattering grains of sand across the expanse of my back and I can hear the soft call of the sea as it licks the edge where the water meets the land. Ahhhhh, I'm actually more relaxed already.

My main thing that I wanted to do this pregnancy was to go to the ocean (I live in virtually landlocked IL) and dance w/the waves, sharing my motherhood w/the motherhood of the sea. But, alas, 'twas not to be this summer, maybe next year we'll take the little ones and play in the surf and explore the beach.

So, are there only 3 of us now? We signed all the paperwork and wrapped up the re-financing this morning and as I sat in the van after our appointment I thanked Wee Bitty for waiting like I had requested and told him/her that they could come out whenever they wanted to, I had no further commitments that I would try to enforce on them. I just ask that you (Wee Bitty) tell me what I can do to make your passage into this world easier, calmer and as gentle as possible.

I really enjoy being pregnant and even when I'm experiencing muscle pain, tugs, pulls, shortness of breath, heartburn, swelling I'm never really tired of being pregnant. Just tired of those sensations at that moment. Being able to create and sustain life is such an amazing miracle and blessing to behold, let alone be able to be a part of that I try and savor each and every moment. Soon enough this little one will be in the outside world, trying to adjust to full gravity, cold, heat, hunger, breathing, pooping, crying, clothing and all the rest so we should both savor this time when needs are so easily recognized and met w/out leaving room for interpretation/misinterpretation.

Wow - I must be really introspective today - what a change from Ms Crab-A$$ - where'd she go? I'm not going to look too hard, I'm sure she'll be back before anyone gets a chance to even enjoy Mellow-Em!
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Hi ,
I can't wait for you all to have your babies!!
Emmett is 10 days old today. He is really sweet, nursing well, etc. He looks so much like his big bro that I sometimes call him Coltrane.
My DS is adjusting. He is still nursing and was asking for milk every 5 seconds, but that is starting to slow down. He has been very sweet to the baby, he just misses me. When I get back on my feet I can spend some more time with him.
I had a scare this past MOnday and ended up in the hospital. I started bleeding profusely and passing HUGE clots. I lost a couple liters of blood and got close to a transfusion. Instead, I got an IV, a methergine shot and pitocin to contract my uterus. We do not know what happened, my uterus got " boggy" and just stopped contracting. Weird. Anyway, I am home, but on modified bedrest until I build my blood back up. Ugggh. I feel better than MOnday though. I was so scared. I have never lost that much blood before.

Childbirth is so natural and so good, but having that scare reminded me of how we are animals really with all these hormones, etc. Things can get complicated. The human animal is so intriguing.

Gotta go get back into bed.

- Kerri
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Glad to hear you're doing better Kerri. Scary.

I finally got my 40 week belly shots up - Enjoy!

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Kerri- Geez! How scary, hope you're feeling better now and taking good care of yourself and little Emmett!

Angus- your belly is lovely-enjoy it while it lasts!
There are a couple new belly pics if you need a beach visual....it was as sublime as you described.

it's gettin down to the wire with just us few left.....and you're totally right-we should relish these waning days...i'm with you!
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