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Ok - time to play name that sensation...

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Suddenly today I'm having some issues dealing w/some physical sensations that I'm experiencing. I'm hoping if you ladies can help me put a name/explanation to them I can deal w/them a little better.

My stomach is slightly naseaus, not enough to actually throw up, but enough that I'm noticing that I feel it, yk?

I have a backache that stretches aren't really helping, but my posture is amazingly straight (normally I'm the original slump-monster, so I know when I'm sitting/walking standing straight).

When I have to slightly bend over at all (which I have to do, oh, roughly 15,263 times/day) it gets hard to breathe in an uncomfortable sort of way. I'd almost call it painful, but it's not quite there. For instance, I was just changing ds. He lies next to me on the couch and I have to slightly lean forward to put the dirty dipe on the floor while I clean him up. That slight leaning motion made it extremely difficult to catch my breath which is very disconcerting.

Has Wee Bitty shifted positions, thus putting pressure on different parts now? I'm drinking lots of water (a liter of water so far today + the liquid in my smoothie, a chai latte etc.) so I don't think I'm dehydrated.

Geez, if these sensations continue I can totally see why women don't want to be pregnant anymore. I've had the occasional sciatic pain, but Wee Bitty always moves soon there after, so I haven't been physically uncomfortable that much at all. Guess my luck has run out.

Am I getting sick? Just what I need - a cold/the flu right before baby comes...

Any guesses? Any ideas on how to make it go away (other than giving birth)?

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Those are pretty normal symptoms for me in the last trimester Im not sure if it is something more for you or not... I have not had mobility to walk around or do anything for weeks now.. :LOL

Im probably no help
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Well, you made me laugh - so thanks!

I've just been feeling so good this whole time, I mean tired, grumpy, swollen, but pretty darn good. I feel like I just got cocky and now this kid is kicking my butt. Might as well show me who's in charge now, it might save time once Wee Bitty is earth-side.

How are you taking care of everything w/out mobility? Do your older ones help w/the younger ones? I can't wait to be in your shoes some day! - Ok, maybe I should rephrase that, dh and I want a large family, that's what I was talking about, you can keep all the pregnancy ickies to yourself, thank you very much! :LOL
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Actually I have not been able to chase around my two youngest for a while now they go to my Mil's house everymorning while DH is at work.. so sort of like quasi daycare? I only have 5 kiddos here full time and the oldest two are very self reliant and they help with my 4 year old.. hes a bit more demanding but I dont have to actually chase him.. or pick him up.

Ya it sucks but its the joys of a body thats gone through so many pregnancies.. you get worn out and tired.. this is the LAST baby so hopefully there will be no more "ickies" to keep to myself..LOL

Im rather done with them thankyou! and just want my life back. :LOL
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