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Sutemi pack for dad?

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Hi - I have an opportunity at a Sutemi pack for a great price (used) and I'm wondering if I should pick it up for dh. So far he always just carries the girls in arms and I'd like to push the wearing aspect with him. So would this be a good choice or should I just keep pushing the MTs we have?
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I just got one (used for a great price too ) today in the mail. I really like it and think DH will too. He uses the Bjorn but won't use MTs because of the ties. The Sutemi is very manly looking with the buckles but similar in style to the MTs. Go for it!
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Dh liked ours (I actually got the large so it would fit him, too) but he's not a babywearing guy, much prefers carrying them on his shoulders or having me do it He has a very long torso and a big belly so it's hard for him to carry a babe in a good position. It did work pretty well on his back, he practiced with our 4 year old
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