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sleep problems wit twins!!!

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So I have not put them back in the crib becasue as we tested them one of my twins almost fell out so last night my dh and I put the single beds back on the floor and we stayed in hte room until they fell asleep by putting them back in the bed everytime they got up so it took about half and hour and they were crying and i was crying but I really need to get them to fall asleep on their own so I thought it was not bad after and they came to my bed to nurse through the night after as well.

Now I try to do the same thing for nap time today what a fiasco. One of my boys literally thinks i tis a game so I try closing hte door running after them in and putting them in the bed so after an hour and half of it not working I thought that I could use the play pen as a method of holding them down. I find that at 20 months I can not reason them that they do not want to lsiten much or understand. All I wnated withthe crib is to have a spot so they can relax and then play with their books and fall asleep.

So it worked one of my boys fell asleep but the other one managed to climb out can you believe it. I realized that one of my play pen as the option bassinet and it is lower on some sides compare to the other so I am thinking of putting THomas in the other one and hopefully he does not climb out of this one.

I had put a gate across the door frame but it is not a gate that I can solidify enough so they pushed it and went running in the hallway.

So now tonight I do not know what to try should I try again in the beds and use the crib as a time out if they do not stay intheir beds or should I use the play pen again for all the dodo so they get use to one thing.

Help these kids will drive me crazy. THey are nursed many times and get lots of cuddles but I can not handle them anymore in the evening for putting them to sleep.

I am looking forward to your suggestion
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What happens if you put them in the room together after the routine and close the door and leave?
Do they cry for you or do they happily play together?
I have one of those doorknob covers (but at 22 months they still cant open doors anyway). Since a gate wont work, how bout closing the door?
My twins dont stay in their beds if I am in the room. But they dont really care if I leave. (ds2 may cry for just a few seconds to a minute the "but wait a minute I dont want a nap" cry. But not in a "get me now I need you" cry.)
Branwyn just says "night mommy".
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Hi I tried closing the door but they just run to the door and actually are able to open it so that did not work. I actually got worried when one of my twins the bigger one started to push his brother around and hold him down push his face in hte pillow so I was worried that he was actually going to hurt him.

Of what to do. I think i will try a couple of times to le them be in their bed and if it does not work I will put them in the playpens and elave and hopefully they won't come out.

Any input will be appreciated
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gosh 20 months is early for a big bed. i know people do it all the time but i always tell people in my opinion keep them in the crib as long as possible!!! but then again i dont practice what i preach and my 2 yr olds are in big beds too. we had them in little toddler beds but those mattresses are so uncomfortable so we got them twin beds that they like a lot. i do end up laying with them occationally now but more for sure at the start. my girls get time out if they get out of their bed but they are 2 1/2 now and it wouldnt work on your 20 month olds.

i would just stay with them and not allow them to get up. it will be a struggle at first but will get better. now i go in say good night and leave.
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