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Sling question.....

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Does anyone still use their sling for their toddler? I got a sling when ds was born, but I could never get the hang of it. My mom made it for me, but forgot to get me the instructions. I tried to get my little guy into it on a couple of occasions. It just didn't seem like I was doing it right.
Now I am wondering if I could use it now with him - he is just starting to walk, but still loves to be carried. He is about 25 pounds. If I can, how do I wear it and how do I put him in it?

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Hi Christine...
I carried my 38lb toddler in my sling until her sister arrived. Especially when we were around crowds.... I am not sure how to go into detail about wearing your toddler but I put the sling over my left shoulder, then I put my toddler on my right hip and slide the pouch part of the slingover her head and under her bum and tighten it at the rings... Does that make sense?? Let me know if I need to clairify myself anymore....It is easier than it sounds..I may even have a video around here I'd be willing to send you....
Take care....
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Thanks for the info.
Do you (or anyone) happen to know if there is a website somewhere with good pictures? I have tried to find one (ok - maybe I didn't try very hard to find it ), but with no luck. Maybe that would help.
I am going to try what you suggested when I get home from work today.
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My dd is about 30 lbs and I don't carry her in the sling very often because she prefers to walk. I have used it when she got too tired to walk home from the park and I only had the single stroller, not the double. She loved it. She asks for it occasionally, but not too frequently. DS hasn't really taken to it. He'll tolerate it if necessary, but generally for outings prefers the stroller.
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Despite the fact that she prefers to walk, we still sling 11 mo old dd frequently when we're out of the house, primarily for shopping and also when we're out and she's getting sleepy. Oh yes, and for dog walks...

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check out www.kangarookorner.com and www.mayawrap.com they both have pictures and instructions on how to wear your baby in different positions. At this age I think the hip carry would probably be best for you. My dd is 18months 20lbs, to wear her on my hip I first put on my sling with the rings on my right shoulder slightly behind my shoulder. Open up the pocket and tighten the sling without baby in it to close to where I think it should be. Pick up dd put her in the sling with a leg on each side of my hip. Tighten sling up the rest of the way so she is sitting where I would hold her naturally. Make sure fabric is tucked nicely under her bum and the top fabric is over her shoulder. It should be nice and snug so baby is comfortable and stable.
edit to add that at the mayawrap site you can download their instructional video to watch it on their computer or you can pm me and I can ship my video to you.
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Thanks everyone for your help. I think I am going to keep my sling in my diaper bag, for those times my little guy just doesn't want to walk. It looks like it will work.
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When my 2nd dd was that age, I liked to use the hip carry or the back carry. Spreading the fabric very well over my back made a big difference - especially making sure that the shoulder blade area was really covered. I have some pictures of both of those positions on my web site.
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Thanks for your instructions. I just took a look at your website, and the instructions are perfect!!
I wish I would have found it when ds was still a baby!!
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You're welcome! I am working on an instructional video in the next few weeks - as long as Emily cooperates!
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We use our Maya Wrap with 17mo DD all the time, when we go out on errands (DD sits in a shopping cart for only so long before she wants up with me), out for walks to the bus stop, cooking at home ...
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