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Any music suggestions?

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I want to compile a CD for my 2YO dd...she LOVES to dance! ANd I figure what a great way to get some exercise for us BOTH than put together some music we can dance too! I prefer a mix of catchy tunes and childrens catchy tunes. But I am stumped...Any suggestions? I have "The Chicken Dance" and "Safety Dance" :LOL
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Choo Choo Boogaloo by Buckwheat Zydeco
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DS loves Choo Choo, too! I have a CD by Taj Majal, Shake Sugaree, that he really likes too. Jerry Garcia and David Grismans Not for Kids Only is fun. He also loves Jesse Cooks CD Gravity, it's instrumental latin guitar that has some great dancing tunes on it. Santana.
We just started a Kindermusik class and he begs me to play the CD, Fiddle Dee Dee, over and over again. Not much of a CD for adults, but he LOVES it!
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My dd will dance pretty much whenever she hears any kind of music, but lately she's been getting a kick out of Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. No kidding! I guess we've never gotten around to buying much children's music, so she just listens to whatever we have playing. She loves anything with a good beat and I bet your dd does too.
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My dd loves world music and reggae. anything really with a fast beat. There is a new kids cd out we just got, called "FOR THE KIDS" with barenaked ladies, cake sarah mclachlan and many others. Its pretty good.
available at deepdiscountcd.com
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My 2 1/2 year old LOVES
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My kid loves the Beatles. Early, simple beatles.
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OK ems mom, the suspense is getting to me!
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The Fox by Nickel Creek is the current dancing favorite over here. And now that he's found the "repeat" button on the CD player, I hear that song in my sleep !

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We like anything by Trout Fishing in America. We also bought a dance mix of what's currently being listened to at the clubs in Ibiza and we went berserk dancing to it.

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I'm a musician, so my son hears what I play. For the longest time when he was a baby, Handel's Messiah would calm him. He would stop screaming and listen intently.

He still likes Baroque music - Bach Brandenberg is his current favorite. He "sings along" with the Piccolo trumpet. Ouch!

He does like his Kindermusic CD's. He gets all fired up when Jay Jay the Jetplane and Elmo sing, too.
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Music For Little People have all kinds of great stuff. I have a compilation of theirs that has Sweet Honey in the Rock singing a train song. He is mesmerized by it and I love it too!

A friend of mine's 2 yr old ds is addicted to Kylie Minogue!
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I really like the CD Nora's Room by Jessica Harper. Out of print but occasionally available on EBay or Amazon. Mama's Kitchen from this CD was my favorite song to dance with DS when he was little. Other baby dance tunes were the Putamayo Reggae Around the World and the fiddle of Natalie MacMaster in My Roots are Showing. My DS now is very selective and likes new songs better than familiar ones so he doesn't have any favorites.
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ABBA! Ds used to fall asleep on my shoulder while we danced around the room together. Maybe it's because I saw Mamma Mia while I was pregnant.
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My dd loves Santana, VanMorrison, Indigo Girls, and Charlie Parker. She is three and when I put any of that on she dances and watches herself. It is adorable.
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Lately, Laurie Berkner. She's great. And anything dh plays.
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Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger!!!
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