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if you had a vaginal multiple birth...

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Just out of curiosity... How many minutes apart were your babies' births? Where was your firstborn while you birthed your second?
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My twins were 39 minutes apart.
I held and nursed my ds for a short while before labor started up again.
THen he went to dh and then MIL to hold. When MIL had him the nurses bullied her into putting him into the baby warmer because he was getting cold.
I yelled while pushing "why isnt somebody holding that BABY!!!!" I was ticked.
But it's not like MIL could have taken off her shirt and done some kangaroo care right there during the birth..
I made sure I had 3 birth assistants.
My doula to make sure my needs were met. My dh and My MIL to each take charge of a baby so that nobody did anything we didnt want or take them anywhere.
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My boys were 16 minutes apart. They were 8 weeks early so while twin B was being born, twin A was getting some breathing help. Then once twin B was born, twin A came to visit me for a minute on the way to NICU.
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Mine were seven minutes apart.

I briefly held Katharine right after she was born but then Olivia started to come out with both feet and a fist. A nurse took Katharine and I focused on pushing.... the OB tucked her hand back up and Olivia was born feet first. She needed a bit of help breathing, so the nurses brough Katharine back to me while she was being cared for... and then not long after I had both. The nurses helped me tandem breastfeed within 90 minutes!
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Marshall was born first. The drs did a quick u/s and found that Luke had turned sideways(what they fear in vag twin births) The OB made a quick decision to try to turn him, but this did not work, so he pulled Lukey out by his feet, 15 minutes after his brother was born. I am so grateful that the dr decided not to do a c sec, he was on call and my reg ob was on holiday, she would have definately done a section.
During Lukes birth, Marsgall was 15 ft away getting wrapped in blankets.
Luke had a very difficult start, his apgar was 3 and he took a long time to start breathing, dh and I were both crying and the nurses tried to distract us with Marshall.
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I delivered my daughters at 29 wks, in a operating room. I had a forced spinal and I was glad for it after the fact. My twin B went into distress in untero and so twin A was vacuumed out and then my OB reached his hand into my birth canal and pulled twin B out by her feet. They were one minute apart, barely. My Ob worked fast and still my my twin B was born with apgars of 0 and then 5 minutes later 2.

Emma was rushed to a baby table beside me to be worked on since she was so premature. Eliza was put on a table near her after her birth. I was able to see both the tables from my place on the birthing table/bed. It was yucky being in the OR but I was close to my kids at least.
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Thanks for responding... I had apretty good birth experience, but it always bothered me a little that I couldn't hold dd1 while delivering dd2, and also had to cut the cords right away. My girls are 20 min. apart, and #1 was put on my chest after birth, but only for a minute, and #2 not until she was wrapped and all. But I was nursing both of them within the hour, so I should be grateful!

Thanks for helping me feel better about the things I cannot change!
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80 minutes. My daughter was on my husbands chest, behind me, while I squatted and birthed her brother.
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My girls are 47 minutes apart. I delivered them both in the OR because Baby B was breech. I delivered Lillie (Baby A) and was able to hold her for maybe 2 minutes. They wanted to get Faith (Baby B) turned to a head down position as quickly as possible. Lillie stayed with us in the room while they turned Faith and also while I pushed her out. The Ped was there and was checking her out, etc. while I was pushing. Faith was successfully turned and was born head first. I held her a few minutes and then she was taken too for a quick once over. They nursed within an hour but not as soon as I wanted them to. Next baby will be a whole different story.
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Mine were 6 mins. apart and Cyrus was being checked over while I had Cole.
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You'll see in my sig line, mine were 6 hours 40 minutes apart. The oldest nursed a bunch while we waited and labored with Isabella(who I can tell you takes her time at everything she does!!!) I think my mom was holding Amelie when Isabella was born. The most beautiful thing to me is that Amelie went to sleep and let Isabella nurse and bond the rest of the night with me. It was so sweet. Amelie was born in the AM and Bella in the PM. I wish they were born different days, that would've been so cool!!!
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My twins were born 27 minutes apart. My son was born vertex. I was on my hands and knees/semi-squatting in my bathroom, birthed him into my hands, and placed him on the floor in front of me while I rubbed on him. I think I had at least 15 minutes of holding him and being with him before contractions started again for my daughter. In the meantime, I had cut his cord and given him to my husband because I felt I needed him warm and I was starting to be focused again on my labor. Then, my daughter was born in the bathroom also, a footling breech, very quickly.

I didn't nurse them until after she was born. Then, they nursed together for the first time.
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mum2lillie...that sounds absolutely beautiful. What a lucky babe to be able to take her time, and then to get 1 on 1 time with both babes... how perfect!

and to Mindyleigh....WOW! This says it all.........
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My boys were born 2 1/2 hours after my water broke. They were three minutes apart. Baby A was head first, and Baby B was breech delivery butt first. I didn't tear at all. I had to deliver in an OR due to high risk and I only got to see them for a few seconds before each was taken to the Level III NICU.
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The boys were 20 minutes apart.
Sam was born at 2:34pm. He was vertex. Jack was born at 2:54pm. He had been transverse, but turned head down (yay!) after Sam was born. I got to see both of them briefly before they were taken to the NICU. They were born at 34 weeks.

mama to Sam & Jack 19 months old
edd #3 10/12/05
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4 min

4 minutes apart.

Does anyone tell your kids which was born first? We haven't told them--each wants to be the first, so he can be "the Oldest' and therefore "the boss" . . .
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My twins were born 7 minutes apart. (at 35 weeks 6 days)

I delivered in the hospital, in the OR. I amazed the staff though by going without any pain meds whatsoever. I did have pit as my tired, old uterus just was not able to contract effectively no matter what we tried.

Baby A, Livia, came first and went to the NICU for about 2 hours as she had a bit of trouble breathing at first.

Baby B, Caleb, after a quick u/s scan was shown trying to come with both arms over his head. My doctor reached in there, moved his arms down and had me push hard and fast (as if I didn't want him out NOW! LOL) to get him down enough that he could not raise his arms again as he was trying to do. I remember asking if it was too late for an epi at that point.

Caleb spent about an hour in the NICU too for the same reason as LIvia.

After Livia was born, I had that sense of relief that one gets when it is all over and the baby is out. Then I remembered I was having twins and yelled "Oh sh*t! I have to do that again!" Everyone was cracking up over that.

Both babies were on my stomach briefly after their births but started retracting so off to the NICU they went.

Once they came back to me, they were together all the time. I never used the isolettes much to the dismay of the on call ped. But that is a whole nother subject.

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I am just loving these stories... at the time my OB made me feel like I was the only woman who ever wanted to give birth to twins naturally and without drugs!!
When my girls were born, we were in a small delivery "suite" packed shoulder-to-shoulder with dis-beleiving onlookers... 2 OBs, 4 nurses, my midwife, my 2 sisters, the pediatrician, the sonographer and his ultrasound machine, my mother(who had all 4 of her kids cesarian style) and, of course, my loving dh. I later found out that this was the first natural twin birth at that hospital in over 5 years, and the only one without drugs!
I don't know if that should make me feel proud, or sad for all those under -educated mamas before me.

Oh, and we haven't told them whose oldest yet...it just hasn't come up yet, but I guess we'll decide what to say when the time comes!
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I don't have twins just a fetish! I have wished for twins each time. I was at my friends twin birth and they were both head first and born 5 h apart in a hospital.
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Mine were 15 minutes appart. I held the 1st for a few minutes and gave him to dh to birth the 2nd.
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