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5 minutes - baby B was guided into place externally & i kept pushing. meanwhile, baby A was being checked out by the neonatologists, etc. across the room - they had TTTS, so it was a high risk hospital birth, etc.
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12 Minutes between my boys. They were born in week 35, so I could only have a quick look at tw1, before they took him to check him up.
After tv2 was born, I held them for a few minutes, but they vas transported to the Newborn intensive care unit.
Here in Norway most twins are born naturally.
Only in cases of complications, a c-section is preferred.
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Not sure if I "count" or not but Baby A was born completely naturally, no meds at all, and Baby B then immediately became very malpositioned and would not turn and his heart rate started plummeting, so he came out by emergency c-section 20 minutes later.
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Of course you count, periwinkle! How difficult it must have been to recover from both a vaginal birth and a c-section while taking care of newborn twins!
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My little boys were six minutes apart in our bathroom. I pushed for 15 minutes Rowan(8lbs) was born first, it feels like I barely had time to look at him before Edwyn came flying out. He was smaller than his brother (6lbs 11oz) blue with a knot in his cord but soon after my midwife gave him oxygen he was great. Being able to give birth to my babies at home was wonderful i think that knowing I would be at home helped me carry my babies as long as I did(41weeks), it gave me a sense of calm and empowerment at the same time.
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I met Jay and Marjorie Hathaway at a convention in 1985. They do educational health videos in addition to Bradley. I had read in Dr. Mendelsohn's newsletter that they had just TRIED to video tape the vaginal birth of twins in the hospital.

The case they had was a woman whose twins were diagnosed by two ultrasound scans...on film, the nurse had drawn pictures of how the two babies were lying.

So the Hathaways videotaped the birth of ... one baby!

There was only one baby. A big baby, but one baby!

And the placenta did not cry!

So even though this was 20 years ago and the technology is better, mistakes are made, no one is perfect, least of all doctors.

BTW, the Hathaways packed up and went to recovery to congratulate the new mother. They asked at the desk where the mother was who was supposed to have twins, but only had one baby. The desk had no one described that way, since the records had been already changed by the staff on the way from the delivery room to recovery...yes, that fast.
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2 hours apart

I birthed my MZ twins 2 hours apart. I had Baby A for a nurse and cuddle after she was born. Dh and my midwife held her while I was birthing Baby B.

The details are a bit foggy (do I even want to remember everything?) but both my babes were born healthy. This I am grateful for.

mum2lillie - Wow, 6+ hours apart! Go mama and babies! Great story - such lovely birthing bliss!
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9 minutes - I had 1st on me until midwife told me I had another baby coming!! What?!! I gotta push again??? Then dh held him.
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Wow! great stories.
My twins are 12 yo now and it still seems like a week ago they were born. 47 minutes apart, the little one came first and in a military hospital in Okinawa, Japan so I didn't have much say in the birthing process. I did convince the OB to not do an episiotomy since I didn't have one with the first and she was 8 lbs 2 oz. I didn't get to hold either one until much later. I didn't get any milk so I couldn't breastfeed either. Of course once we got home it seemed like a baby holding maration - I miss that.
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My babes were 12 mins apart. When I felt ready to push #2 I handed #1 to a family member.
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My twins were born around 3-4 minutes apart. Twin A came out flying, head first. This was 2 minutes after they gave me the epidural. At first I didn't want the epi but my OB convinced me that it would be better (this all happenend during transition) because Twin B was transverse, and she'd have to perform a very painful and risky procedure, so I agreed.
So they gave me the epi and immediately afterwards, my first sweet girl was born. They were born at term (37 weeks) but she had IUGR and had the weight of a 34w baby. So she was being taken care of by a team of peds while I was birthing Twin B. Or I should rather say, while the OB was delivering Twin B. Right after the first birth, she put her hands up there (and the epi hand't started working yet!!!!) and grabbed the foot, turned her breech and delivered her feet first.
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Mine were 6 minutes apart, and I was holding the first until my doula suggested it was time to let go to focus on pushing the other one out.
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Mindyleigh - I've seen your video & it is beautiful. I love it! I wish you had put a time stamp on it so I would've know how long the whole process took. I found out from your website. WOW!

My twins were 1 hr 15 mins (maybe 17mins) apart. I held & nursed baby A for a little while, but the midwives were doing nipple stim & I felt I couldn't concentrate, so off she went w/ daddy, then my mom & her older sister. Baby B did start to "fall" transverse, but that's why we had a 2nd midwife there - to hold her in place. In retrospect, if I had layed on the bed for a little while to nurse, maybe baby b would've come sooner, & I wonder if "holding" baby B kept her from coming out quicker, but its all okay. I love the looks I get when people ask how far apart they are, expecting to hear minutes & I tell them hours.
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