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Im going to cross post this in the pregnancy forum too, but does anyone know of a place to buy some nice calm & peaceful candles to use during delivery?

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I'm a big fan of LaRee's Candles . They are soy, so they burn clean. I think she's working on some aromatherapy ones, but I'm not sure if she has them on her website yet.
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I haven't ordered mine yet, but I've been eyeing this website, which seems to have lots of choices as far as natural candles go:

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I'm not sure where you're planning to birth, so ignore if this doesn't apply...but most hospitals won't allow candles because of the fire hazard (due to oxygen). If you're birthing in hospital, I recommend a plug in aromatherapy diffuser and some nice essential oils, or a spritzer bottle with your favourite scents. Not that this gives the nice light of a candle...but you could turn off all of the lights and birth with flashlight/lantern, or at least the lights turned down low (I have been at a hospital birth where we used only a flashlight, but I had to fight the charge nurse about it- bad for our vision and "dangerous" apparently. Luckily the woman and her family doctor and I all out-voted and ignored the charge nurse, so the woman got what she wanted)
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