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Is there such a thing as too much sex while TTC?

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My cycle is extremely weird, so dh suggested that from the day my AF stopped, we "baby dance" at least twice a day for several weeks just so that we don't miss it. We have been going at it for 11 days now, and frankly I am worn out. Is there such a thing as too much? I have heard that you should make sure and do it eveyr 2-3 days because sperm can lay in wait that long, but dh is afraid that we will miss it.
Any thoughts?
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Well, I know that if low sperm count is a problem then you might be overdoing it and there might not be many left by the time you ovulate. So, your charts don't make any sense? Or can you tell when you are ovulating? I agree, it stinks when you overdo it and take the fun out of it.
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Um...twice a day??? Definitely no need for that...but last cycle, papasoleil and I bd'd everyday...long after I O'd...well, I'm actually not sure when I O'd...but..I'm pg now!!! So, that's my put on it....
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I know that you should bed a few days before ovulation and even a few days after ovulation (just in case).

Take a look at my chart. We bd's a lot (once a day) and my temps are unusually high.


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Wow, you must be exhausted . . .

Granted, I'm no expert. But everything I've read says that every other day is enough. I would imagine that low sperm count could be a problem with twice a day.

My thought is . . . if it isn't fun anymore, cut back. Good luck!
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I agree, every other day is what's recommended to allow sperm counts to be high enough...he needs a little recovery time, even though you see plenty of semen...with too frequent ejac. there aren't enough sperm. Same thing, so no masturbation in between. Every other day for 2-3 before, day of, and every other for 2-3 days after is what I've done.
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According to TCOYF, if the man has normal sperm count, you should bd every day, and if he has been diagnosed with low sperm count, you should bd every other day to allow time for sperm count to rebuild.
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Just so you know, I read TCOYF too...I'm basing this on fertility clinic advice as well as other TTC books - DH is normally fertile....and in the process, counts on a successive days and with a short break in between were ENORMOUSLY different...and the clinic said that was not unusual. They were trying to maximize counts for procedures, so I wouldn't go every day unless you really wanted to, I think twice a day works against you.
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I have heard about that !

of course, that wasnt a problem for me......
i got pregnant on the pill, with a broken condom, and once when i was working nights and didnt know what the hell happened....

anyhoo....( i hate that, but i wanted to try it out), when i actually TTC my second child, we did it everyday, starting the day after my period ended, till i *didnt* get it again. i tend to ovulate on the 11th day, so we jammed everyday until my period was due, which never came and i was blessed with a 9lb boy with a 15inch head and shoulders...ouch!

good luck, and have fun! I hope you are having orgasms, as i heard that helps.

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I'm quite sure your Dh is trying to be helpful...

...but this amused me because it sounds like something MY Dh would say so he could get frisky more often!

Sorry I can't be of much help...
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