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Is anyone else here on meds/supplements that they are going to be weaning off of?

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I need to discontinue some things that I have been taking and I will need to taper.

I took/am taking Vitex to support the luteal phase. I think I will keep taking the normal dose this week and next week taper down. That shouldn't be too bad. It is still so early for me and this herb supports progesterone synthesis in my body so I think I would like to take the full dose for one more week.

I take an antidepressant which I need to discontinue. I take a very minimal dose right now and should have stopped taking it before but didn't. I think it will go fine, but I am still a bit nervous. I think I will go for a week on a half dose, and then next week alternate that dose to every other day, then nothing the next week.

I don't want to shock my system by rapidly discontinuing chemicals my body is used to, but on the other hand, don't necessarly want the baby to be exposed to some of this stuff.

Anyone else going to be "Detoxing" themselves? How are you going about it?

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Naughty Dingo, have you talked to your doc about the antidepressents? Definitely talk to him/her, they should be able to recommend the best way to wean yourself off of them.

The only thing I'm having trouble with is sleep aids. I have had trouble getting to sleep for years, and have been taking Benadryl to help with that. But I'm worried about taking it during the first trimester. I have taken it a couple of times though because I just could not go to sleep at all and was feeling so tired and bad that I figured that had to be worse for the baby than the Benadryl. I only took a half dose though. I'm going to talk to my doc about what to do about it when I go next week.

It is just so hard to not be able to sleep, especially at a time when you need the rest the most.
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Candace, the woman I talked to at the Dr's office was not entirely helpful :LOL Told me it is best to be off of all meds which I agree with. Said if the meds controlled the depression well, they keep the mother on them. Oy! Told me that since the med has a long half life in the body I would have to taper down over 2-3 weeks. So not really any new info there. Anyway, I have to admit I have continued taking the med more because I am too chicken to stop, I feel so good on them, not because I still feel depressed. Now is the time and reason to stop and I am actually glad for it.

But don't you love the convoluted answers you get sometimes?
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Ugh that sucks. Sounds like she gave you a generic one size fits all answer. Can you get an appt. and discuss it with your actual doc? Have you researched it and found all of the risks? You may find that the risk is relatively minor especially when compared to the risks of depression. If they keep some women on them while pregnant, the risk can't be that bad, can they? I would hope not.

Hope you get some more helpful answers. Are you seeing and ob or midwife? Maybe they can help.
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I know in my heart and head that I don't need them any more. So I am gonna discontinue them. But it is true, generic answer.

I am seeing an OB with a good staff of nurses. I haven't been through a pregnancy at this practice though. I would love to see the homebirth midwife in town but DP is uncomfortable with it and I respect his feelings on this since I get my way with just about everything that goes on. But, I am gonna bring it up again.

I have a close friend who is a doula and she has been a great support for me. During my last PG I realized that an OB is not going to give me anything emotionally, and most will give you a broad answer designed to be as "Safe" as possible. I quit the old OB's after they got snotty with me when I suggested they give equal play to their formula promotions and breastfeeding resources. Imagine that.....

Anyway, would love to experience the connection and support that you get from a MW. Sigh.
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Naughty Dingo,
I just got back from my Pyhsciatrist appt and was so glad to see this post as I told him I was PG and he wants me to come off my PPD meds.I take a new one called cymbalta but just so you know,i was on zoloft my whole pg with Griff,it is the safest one so ask your doc about that one.i am going to half my dose as of tomorrow and then after 7 days i will take a b 100 complex vitamin and another called omegabrite twice a day.he said that these are fine for pg and b complex vits are water soluble so you can't overdose on them with prenats aswell.
you can get the omegabrite at omegabrite.com.check it out.he said that If i suffer badly he can always put ,e back on Zoloft,
Take care,
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Natasha, thanks for the info. I am currently on a minimal dose of zoloft. That is good to know it is the safest. Hopefully I won't need it this time around. I have had a lot of wonderful change in my life recently and feel really positive about it all.

I became depressed during my last pregnancy due to a bunch of krappy stuff that happened and went on the zoloft. I had also taken meds (Ondansetron) occasionally in the first trimester for severe morning sickness on days that I had to work. When I found out my daughter had a congenital medical problem, I wished I had not taken anything. Even though her problem was not a risk of either med, you still wonder and question yourself you know?

Natasha, I am glad you are here. We will support each other. And I am putting B6 on my list to get at my next discount day at the natural pharmacy. I will check out the omegabrite as well.

Thanks, ND
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Naughty Dingo,
Make sure it's the B-100 complex it has b6 in it but is all of the b vitamins together,
we will get through this with all the support,when I weaned off my zoloft I had about ten days of on off crying bout and an extremely short fuse but I just put myself in a 'time out :LOL ' and counted to ten and I got through it.also during that time to expect anything of yourself.let the laundry wait if need be and a few take out dinners nevr hurt anyone
just do what you really need to do,the less stress the better
and if you need to talk,you know where i am
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Natasha, would you mind me asking what dose you were weaning down from?

:LOL Just tell me to butt out if I am being too nosy
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no don't be silly,I am very open about it
I am weaning down from 60 of cymbalta to 30 as of tomorrow.when I came off the zoloft I went from 75 to 50 then to 25,it sucked but hey it got better
ask anything you want,i don't care
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Thanks Natasha. You RAWK Mama.

Soooooo then,

What is your favorite color? (Said in my best Monty Python impression)

:LOL : Forgive me if you don't recognize my nerdy movie line : :LOL
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colour? you mean boy/girl?or generally??
BLUE is my favourite colour for everyday and I would love another boy but as long as the babe is healthy then I'll be happy
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and I love monty python being British myself but I can't remember any lines :
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Oh natasha, I was just joking around. There was a scene from the movie "Holy Grail" where an old wizard would pitch people into an abyss if they answered his questions incorrectly. Questions like "What is your favorite color?"

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ahh yes,I vaguely recall.....erm brat farts occuring already over here,it gets earlier with each babe
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I have a consult booked with Motherrisk at the hospital for Sick Children. This will be another medicated pregnancy with heparin, progesterone and prednisone--hopefully without the massive doses of meds to keep me from puking every 2 minutes. I have fairly severe rheumatoid arthritis so we need to discuss which ones will be stopped. I was flared through my entire pregnancy with Molly. My rheumatoligist however feels I should be able to continue taking Enbrel which is an injectable med I give myself twice a week (what the heck, just one more needle :LOL)
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Good luck Shannon, let us know what they tell you at your consult.

I just read an article the other day on line about the use of SSRI's and effects on the fetus resulting from first trimester use. Don't remember which meds were discussed (Don't think Zoloft was oneof them) and the specifics, but it was new data reported at a meeting and they indicated it is better to not take anything. I might call the midwives today and ask about this. I bet they were discussing specific meds and not the SSRI's as a class, but still.......
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I had just started taking Celexa a week before I found out I was pregnant, so luckily I just quit right away, and didn't have any side affects from that. Good luck, I do know how you feel!
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day 2

of taking half dose and at the moment I'm feeling good,hopefully I won't start feeling rough at the same time as the m/s hitting
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Glad you're still feeling well. I hope you stay well!
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