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How do you (wet) dust "naturally-ish"

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Can some people tell me how they dust?

I've heard you're supposed to wet dust, which actually picks up the dust and not like "Feather dust" which spreads it around.

On the few occaisions I've dusted it's been with Pledge which my mother swears by. But I'm thinking there might be a better way since it does smell like solvent!

I searched the archives and found one little post about olive oil, but it wasn't that encouraging.

Also - the top of my real wood dresser is a very shiny substance - should I just use water on it? The side of the dresser and the bed are more wood like and I think would take an oil. The only reason I'm afraid of the water in the dresser is b/c it already has some ruined parts from make-up and cleansers.

And - what do you like best for the rag? Polar fleece? Would a bird's eye weave diaper work? We only used fitteds. Old t-shirts?
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I just use some watered down vinegar for all my dusting. Now mind you I don't have anything that is really good wood, so I don't know how this would effect it. And as for dusters, I use anything that I can turn into a rag! Old dish cloths are my favorite!
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How watered down? My cleaning lady added vinegar to one of my squirt bottles and I just couldn't take the smell. I don't want my house to smell like vinegar.
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I use microfibre cloths to wet dust. I use one damp one to pick up the dust and then a dry one to dry it. I have some really nice shiney oak and pine dressers that my dad built and that works great on them. But I mostly just dry dust....I use an ostrich feather duster. I bought it from Flylady on line. They claim that ostrich feathers are the only feathers that dust actually clings to and I have been very happy with it. I haven't found that it spreads the dust around. But I also don't have any carpet in my home, so I dust everything and then I go over the floor with a dry microfibre mop just in case I stirred up dust that was on the furniture.
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Wiping wood with a damp cloth isn't going to have any effect on the wood even if it's already damaged. Pouring water on the wood would (hehe) but not just damp wiping it.

I use a damp microfibre cloth just with water. That's all you need for any surface you're dusting.
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Another vote for microfiber cloths...I use vinegar in a spray bottle, watered down by about 50% with some eo for smell good. For extra shine orange oil works really well, not sure where to get it though.
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I use a terrycloth or sherpa rag with just a tiny bit of water - I wet my hands and dry them on the cloth, then dust with it. Works great.
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Thanks everyone for your replies. I may try damp microfleece since that's what I have around the house. I will look for some microfiber cloths.
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If you're looking for a pledge-like finish- spritz a little olive oil on your dusting cloth- a little being the key here... Thirsty wood soaks it up! I've also had success removing water rings from wood with olive oil.
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I just use a barely damp rag (plain water). I even saw a segment on Martha Stewart a few years ago about how using products like Pledge are NEVER recommended because they just deposit a waxy substance on the surface, which traps dirt close to the surface and over time will harm the wood. She said she just uses a tiny bit of plain water, per the expert instructions she researched.

If it's good enough for Martha...
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the only nice wood thing we have that we dust is our piano. I use Method wood wipe for that. they smell heavenly.
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