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Just a warning, this is going to be a long post :LOL
We have been spending too much lately, nothing we could really avoid (car accident, sister's wedding, birthdays etc etc etc) so I thought it would be a good time to really purge those cupbards and such. Funny, we just went though everything in August and we've got a lot to go through already.
I sat down this morning and figured things we could make out of what I've got with minimal additions (fresh veggies, eggs, etc)
Frozen pesto used for sauteed veggies and also for pasta.
Frozen gnocchi with frozen tomato sauce.
Frozen chx in the cp with bottled bbq sauce.
Frozen pizza dough with frozen tomato sauce and veggies we've got on hand.
I've got 3 frozen soups.
Use up orange marmalade in cookies.
Use up red curry paste with lentil curry and thai rice salad.
Use up ginger wasabi sauce with veg and tofu.
Make hoisin tempeh with those two items.
Use up pumkin butter in pancakes or some sort of baked goods.
I've got Morrocan and Pepita Simmer sauces from TJ's, good for beans and veg.
Use up the last of the choc pancake mix in muffins.
Use up the bits of rice, bulgur, and millet in a grainy tomato soup.
Cheesy bean casserole with my white beans.
Barley and Lentil Stew with my bit o barley and lentils.
Jamaican black eyed peas.
I've got lots of lentils, alphabet lentils and lentil skillet.
Pinto beans - refried beans, soup, beans and rice.
Black beans - soup, stew with corn, balsamic black beans, beans and rice, black bean salad.
Coconut corn bread.
Sunflower avocado spread.
I've got a bunch of nutritional yeast, zesty cheese spread.
Can of artichokes - artichoke hummus.
Oatmeal cookies.
Miso soup.
Frozen veg burgers, hamburger salad.
Soba noodles - asian noodle salad.

Told you there was a lot. Just needed to get it down and do it.
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We stopped doing pantry challenge last week because DH wanted to buy more stuff. I checked my expenses for the last month and it looks like I spent $150 less on food. Not bad. I'll do it again sometime later for sure.
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We always use the pantry but right now w our new addition in its early development, I need to cater to its cravings...

Tonight I will use a can of chickpeas since this one likes veggies and beans for some reason and lots of green lettuce. Also sushi which will eat into my budget for sure.
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Well, things are going well here. I've been cooking from the pantry all month. We've had tacos, chicken enchilda's, breakfast foods at all times of the day :LOL , tonight is chicken casserole with mushrooms and broccoli.

I'm only buying produce and dairy from the store this month. Not even bread, I stocked up in the freezer and we have plenty. It's only the 11th, but I think we can easily do it. Even with Halloween treats to make, I think I have everything I need in the pantry!

Still on the menu for later this month: lots of homemade pizza, chili, white chili (it's finally fall here!) crockpot chicken surprise, and probably chicken parmesean. Also, I need to replenish my stock of banana bread and blueberry muffins.

Love this thread!
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I have a couple containers of oatmeal, one the old-fashion and one quick oats. Does anyone have good cookie recipes for either?
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Oh, I forgot to add, I cleaned out my pantry and reorganized. It's amazing what you find

I found two containers of cocoa. I used them to make delicious brownies. I made 2 quadruple batches. Now I have homemade brownies to take anywhere and everythinks I slaved over the oven all morning. Plus they are great for pregnancy chocolate cravings.
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Heidi and Amy - Congrats!!!!

I hear ya on the cravings, dh wasn't allowed to cook at all for the first 3 mo of pg with ds, we ate out a lot!
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Thanks isomoms! I have been eating out my freezer so I need to feed it again.
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New Mom/new Wife...help

I need some intense help on the kitchen homefront. I have been reading this thread on the pantry challenge. I need help learning how to cook. LOL doesn't that sound awful. Can anyone suggest a great beginners cookbook that I can learn and build on. Please IM or PM me I am new to this site so I haven't quite learned how to find the threads again once I have posted on it. Is there a way to follow a thead?

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I haven't been doing such a good job on this challenge lately, but Marc and I were talking last night and we've decided to "crack down" and really work at it this month. I'm going to save all of the money I save on groceries this month to go toward a chest freezer so I can start cooking once a week to make weeknights easier.
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ok, I suck at this. I usually just make a meal plan and shop for the things I will need and then get home form the store and realize I'm really no further ahead.

But here's what I have managed to do from the "pantry" (also saved from moulding in my fridge):

quiche- a friend gave us several dozen eggs (from "happy" chickens!) so we had quiche one night with leftover rice as a crust.

leftover turkey carcass and vegtables that would never have been eaten from the crisper made into stew and frozen for work lunches.

leftover hambone made into stock and leftover vegtables and leftover mashed potatoes and split peas from the pantry made into a pureed soup frozen for work lunches.

leftover mashed potatoes made into shepherd's pie - made 2 big meals for the 3 of us plus 1 lunch.

apples: my mom dropped off 2 cases. we have had apples in everything. quinoa stuffing with apples, oatmeal with apples, and fresh apple/grape juice for thanksgiving.

I still have 1 case of apples left - hoping to make apple pie to freeze and pull out of the freezer in the midle of the winter. Maybe when I have more time - I'm just beat trying to keep on top of all these leftovers from thanksgiving and taking care of a sick baby who's sleeping eratically.

g. (going for a nap now)
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Ok, I am making dinner for 12 adults and 5 kids tonight.......out of my freezer and pantry!!! I'm making lasagna, noodles and sauce in pantry, meat and cheese in freezer. Artichoke spinach dip, also from pantry and freezer. French bread for dipping and italian bread for the lasagna in the frrezer. The only thing I had to buy at the store was ricotta cheese, eggs, and salad produce. I also had 2 batches of homemade brownies in the freezer and I made the birthcake from scratch, from my pantry. I'm so pleased with myself.
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I made some tomato soup with grains tonight to help use up my odds and ends on my multiple grains (because I buy so much says dh). Didn't turn out so well, like mush. Oh well, I tried. We did have pizza using up what we had and it was, of course, delish!
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I did really great at emptying some things from my pantry/freezer tonight. Every single ingredient in everything we ate we already had on hand from before the challenge started! We had Tilapia Almondine, a Creative Grains garlic rice/bulgar combo and broccoli. It was super tasty and one of the easiest meals I've thrown together in a while. I forget how easy the tilapia is to cook since I only have one recipe that we really like and we got sick of eating it over and over again. Anyway, I felt so good about it that I just had to share.
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