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Hi new here

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Ive been thinking about homeschooling my oldest daughter for a while now well today I finally made my decision too homeschool it wont be intil next fall but Iam getting so excited over it. and I can not wait to start. Iam sure Ill get alot of help here.

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How old are your children?
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Rachel is 4 and kimberly is 10 months
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sorry about that, I missed it down below!

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Welcome to the board! This is a really nice homeschooling board because there are people who are homeschooling in many different ways. There are lots of us here with young children. My kids are 4 and 6.

Nice to meet you!
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Glad to have you here and good wishes to you & your girls as you start this new journey!
mom to ds14, ds9, ds5, dd3 years
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Welcome to the club!! Keep reading these threads, they are great support and inspiration!! They ahve been for me, mom to ds6 and ds 20 mons.
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