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How did your twin pregnancy differ from your singleton(s)?

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I am 15 wks preg (4th pregnancy, this will be 2nd child), I have been feeling movement for a few wks, I have had really horrible m/s, am measuring big, look bigger than when I was 6 mos with dd, keep having dreams about twins, etc. I totally can't figure out if I'm just thinking too much about the possibility of twins, and this is just a normal subsequent pregnancy, or if an ultrasound might be warranted. I see a homebirth midwife, and have never done routine ultrasound, which it seems is how many moms find out.

So I'm curious, for those who have had singletons as well as twins, were your pregnancies very different? (other than size?)
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I measured big & for the first half of my pregnancy I was WAY more tired & had a lot worse morning/driving in the car sickness.
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Well with my twin pregnancy I pretty much forgot I was pregnant until about 20 weeks. I was exhausted and run down my entire first trimester with my singleton.
I didnt need maternity clothes till about 20 weeks either. But with my singleton I was in maternity clothes at 8 weeks. (I suppose as a SAHM though my wardrobe was probably more comfortable than when I was working through my pregnancy)
With my singleton I felt distinct movement at 13 weeks. DH felt movement at 16 weeks. WIth my twins I barely felt movement till well after 20 weeks. But a few weeks later it was tons and all over.
I thought I was having twins with my singleton. But I just had one huge baby (11lbs 2 oz) WIth my twins I never suspected twins till I was 28 weeks along and I was suddenly measuring big.

My twin pregnancy was not easier durign the second half though.
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i was just going to ask the same thing. i'm 22 weeks with my 5th pregnancy. i was very tired in the beginning and and suspected twin off and on. i have been able to palpatate with my last 2 pregnancies and have always been correct on the positioning with conformation from my midwives. and i just can't seem to get a feel for it there seems to be alot of small parts which is why i really am starting to be suspect.

i guess my queation is when were any of you confirmed of positively diagnosed of twins. this has been an UP so far for me so we have had no conformation.
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My twin pregnancy was my easiest. Almost no m/s at all (just a wave of slight nausea every now and then), didn't show until after 22 weeks, no aches and pains, only a few food aversions, no weird cravings etc. I was sure I didn't have twins, just a big baby!
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