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my 3 yr old

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so glad to see the postings on the 'i cant'... we have it a lot here!

my daughter is so far REFUSING to do her poops on the potty. pee is mostly ok (depending on how tired she is) but its an out and out refusal for poops. the only other thing i know to try is to have her clean herself up (advice from a mom) but i'm thinking there has to be another option???

daughter seems to love having her aunt put ponytails and clips in her hair but mom doesnt seem to be able to do anything right on that front. not only am i bit sad about it but she's got some pieces that really need to be held back. *shaking head* i just cant figure out whats up with this one!!

i'm starting to look into preschools for her (long story as to why we're so late) and i really dread it!!! she's an october baby and some places are mandating which group she'll be with while others are saying its no big deal. and i thought it got easier after giving birth and deciding how to feed and diaper : )
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Welcome to the life of kids this age!!!!!

Nothing is as expected huh?????

My advice:
The poopy thing will come eventually..IME it is always later than the pee thing!

I only have sons so I can't help with the hair thing...sorry! LOL

About preschool:don't apologize for beint "late" for preschool. My ds#1 is 4 in a month and hasn't gone to preschool and never will! I plan on unschooling...and this comes from a public school teacher....go figure!
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would you share more about 'unschooling' ?

T%hanks! : )
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my 3 yr old

Hi! About the no poop on the pot thing, does your daughter normally stand while having a bm? My son was on potty strike for a while. It took some time for him to get used to sitting to poop. We use a little potty chair for him. When he was training, we kept his chair in the living room. We let him go barebutt. Seeing the potty chair as he played reminded him to use it. And now he has no problem using his potty in the bathroom.
good luck! the time will come
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It took leah getting really rashed one day to start using the potty to poop. She was at preschool and evidently pooped in her pullup and didn't let a teacher know right away or they didn't get to it right away. So on the walk home, she started complaining the her bottom hurt. When we discovered the rash, I described how poop comes out and that it smears all over if you go in a pullup or diaper. Then went on about using the potty and it won't get all over....she started using the potty and barring a few accidents has never looked back! (sorry for the graphic, long detail) She also had to adjust to pooping sitting down!

Good luck

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WEll my ds was almost 3 before he would poop on the potty. He had been peeing, standing up no less, since he was a little over 2. He just refused to use the potty to poop. When he needed to poop he would ask for a diaper. I tried to force the issue but he held his poop in for 3 days and then was in pain from constipation. So, i gave in. I would ask every time he needed a diaper do you want to go on the potty? If the answer was no I gave him the diaper. One day it was like a lightbulb went on and he said "Mommy I want to poop on the potty and flush my poop away." since then he has never needed a diaper. I really think that it will come when she is ready.

As for the hair thing. I have 2 ds but I was a nanny for 2 little girls while in college. The younger one HATED having her hair done. Well I told her that I could make a princess braid and she was hooked. The kid let me comb, curl, and do almost antyhing with her hair. Maybe take her to the store and buy some pretty ribbon to use when you put it up. Or go get some cheap barrettes and use paint to write her name on them to make them special. I don't know about her but I LOVE hair ornaments!
Hope this helps! Michele
p.s. Do you live in NH? I do and when I saw your name was just wondering?
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